5 Unique Customer Acquisition Strategies You Can Start Applying Today

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09th May, 2018

What is it that Drew Houtson (founder and CEO of Dropbox) and his team do that shot their wait-list signups from 5000 to 75000 in just one night? Worth wondering…is’nt it?

The idea behind this outstanding response was just a simple and short video that displayed how Dropbox functioned. In fact, the video was tailored for the audience it was being shown to, and that actually turned out to be a game-changing proposition for Drew and his team.

It is indeed intriguing to understand how a simple four-minute video captured the attention of thousands of members from Digg community – something they couldn’t achieve even after spending hundreds of dollars on expensive advertisement campaigns!

Well, must say, it takes a serious dig into some of the very well-crafted and strategic marketing strategies that drive your customer ‘s attention, exactly the way your brand requires.

While some businesses focus on quick fixes to acquire more customers, a steady pool of prospects is what pays off eventually. Quite obvious, the way to acquire that, quite often with a limited set of resources, is by focusing on only the right strategies.

The goal of marketing is therefore simple – having a solid yet agile customer acquisition strategy which is sensitive to market trends.

Talking about strategies, it is important to understand that what might work well in favour of one brand, may not necessarily be the ideal choice for the other. Still, there are certain basic tactics, the one that we call as long-term customer acquisition strategies, certainly remains universal for every brand, per se.

Let’€™s take a look at some of the fundamental strategies that we can vouch for a brand’€™s customer acquisition goals:

Building engagement because you can’t do without it

You cannot expect first-time visitors to land on your website and get convinced to buy from you. You definitely need to put a whole lot of efforts to engage them with your brand.

By understanding the pain points of your customers, you will be able to better identify the ways to align the values of your company with that of your customers. Apart from this, you may also leverage digital marketing and social media maneuvers to build engagement with them. What is important here is to catch the customer’s nerve.

Content marketing is like polishing your mirror

It’s a universal fact that content marketing can also be used to acquire customers and drive more sales. It is a prime ingredient for ensuring the success of the above-mentioned strategy.

Once you have identified your target customer audience and understood their pain points, the next step is to inform them how you can solve their problems and why you can take care of them better than your competitors.

Content marketing maneuvers can range from explainer videos to infographics and from blogs to your social handles €“ everything depends on what imagery does your brand wants to portray to the audience.

Letting go can be a good thing sometimes

We all know that acquiring new customers comes with additional costs as well. However, it’s important to keep a check upon your expenditure, so as to manage the cost.

Before developing a budget for acquiring new customers, try and understand how much are your potential customers ready to spend across their buying cycle and what percentage of those that sign up with you are ready to pay you.

After gathering relevant information, you may figure out and use a mix of the best ones to filter out the ones that are worth acquiring, from the ones that are better letting go.

Move beyond hard sell

You will rarely come across a customer who doesn’t research before making a purchase. Therefore, rather than pushing them hard to purchase from you, it makes sense to share with them insights and information which portrays you as a domain expert and industry thought leader.

If you master this, you won’t have to get into the hassles of hard-selling anyway.

It’€™s time for Retention Marketing

Nurturing the existing customers is extremely critical for the long-term financial success for any company. Since, we are all aware that costs of acquiring a new customer is far higher than to keep an existing one, retention marketing is no doubt, the priority word of the hour.

Reviving your old customers not only increases your chances of cross sell and upsell, but also surpasses the outreach efforts by the competitors as your customers already know your worth.

So, if you are looking to earn more business, make sure you zero in upon long-term strategies for ensuring long-term success as well.

What has worked best for you when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers? Share with us your interesting stories in the comments section below.

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