5 Quick Tips to Manage Your Partners like A Boss

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12th Apr, 2018

Reaching the target audience efficiently and building long-lasting relationships with them happens through the recruitment of reliable partners. And that’s not all, you also make sure that they are enabled and empowered enough to sell with the utmost dedication.

However, finding the value-adding partners that thrive your ecosystem and expand it even more, can be a grim task altogether. Partner management is an art that enables the enterprises to gain market share, increase brand awareness and remain competitive.

Below are some of the quick tips that can help you revamp your existing partner relationships and position them for accelerated growth.

Align your business goals
To become truly successful, you need to have an all-encompassing partner strategy. In order to ensure mutual success, it is critical to designate the quantifiable goals and objectives that are specific, actionable and measurable.

For any partnership to work, both the parties must be working in sync towards the same end goal. Hence, this has to be a two-pronged approach wherein you and your partner both work towards each other’s success.

Deliver a customized experience
Your partners must also be treated like your customers. Hence, always provide them with the relevant, timely, and useful communication updates for example, sales and marketing collaterals, effective training and an ongoing support.

They need active personalised resources to address their needs so as to ensure their compliance issues are resolved within time. Enablement support also ensures that your partners are consistently provided with the current, customized information to represent your brand the way you want.

Leverage customer feedback
Incorporate customer feedback into your existing strategies for improving the support requirements. In most of the instances, sales partners will have the closest relationship with your end customers. So, take time to listen to them and incorporate requisite changes, basis their feedback.

Cater to the training needs
Partners are those professionals who manage the most important relationships around your business ecosystem i.e. with the customers. Therefore, they must be equipped with the requisite training so as to succeed in winning the trust of your customers at any stage of the sales life cycle.

Review your partners
Always keep an eye on your partner’s performance and if you see any loophole that they aren’t performing well, look for ways to help them. Generally, organisations that outpace their competition, do not necessarily focus entirely on the end results i.e. the sales revenue, rather a critical focus is maintained upon the means by which they are getting there in order to succeed in the longer run.

Partner strategies are the lifeblood of many sales organizations that are looking to tap into a multitude of resources in order to expand their reach and scale growth. However, these programs are only effective if they are managed well.

What do you think about the new-age partner ecosystem? Share your feedback in the comments section below.



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