5 Most Common Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

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29th Jan, 2020

With over 53% marketers spending more than 50% of their budgets on lead generation (source: BrightTALK & LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Report), the budget allocation is on the rise for anything which can bring more conversion-worthy leads. However, in this great rush towards leveraging online mediums and expanding outreach channels, there are some rookie mistakes which are very common amongst big and small brands alike, when it comes to producing high quality leads.

Here’s a list of 5 such common errors which you should avoid in order to fix that leaky leads bucket:

1. Underestimating personalisation 

If you’re not focusing on the buyer persona while strategizing the lead generation campaign or further worse, if you don’t fully understand the buyer persona (or fail to reflect through your content that you do), then you’re in a tough spot. In this age of hyper-personalisation, along with understanding buyer persona, your must have content catering to each stage of the buyer’s journey. A ‘Get in Touch’ CTA may not be working for you if you’ve generically used it everywhere in the campaign.

2. Not investing enough on landing pages

Dedicated landing pages with crisp and clear messaging tailored as per your campaign is going to fetch you many more leads in comparison to a sidebar or footer generic ‘Get in touch’ fill-up form. Some studies have shown that the average conversion rate from a website is 2% while with a well-formed landing page, it is 20%. Covering this 18% is easy if you work towards having dedicated landing pages whilst following the best practices of having one, such as clear headline conveying exact offer and audience, easy to understand copy text, clear & single CTA, etc.

3. Laid back lead nurturing

The people who share their details on your landing page, approximately only 10% of them are ready to make a purchase, rest are in exploring stage. If they don’t get the pathway lighted in front of them in time, they’d be happy to explore another brand. Effective sales strategies are all about timing and in that realm, what better boon could the industry have been bestowed with than automation. Having a good follow-up strategy in place to understand the buying stage — awareness, selection etc. is the hallmark of an effective buyer-seller relationship and a successful lead generation campaign.

4. Imbalanced focus on desktop & mobile

You would be putting your website’s google ranking on risk apart from giving out the impression to the visitors (read potential prospects) that your company is quite dated in case if your website is not mobile optimised. The world has become mobile-first in every way and thus ignoring this aspect may cost you a lot in terms of getting the right attention.

5. Giving up too soon

Every strategy is like a seed sown and how much so ever you try, you can’t make a plant sprout before it’s the appropriate time for it to do so. While it’s understandable that the competitiveness of the day has programmed business managers and marketers to act in a rush when it comes to getting leads, expecting results out of any campaign in a short duration of time is a bad idea. Strategic spending on social media campaigns, landing pages, converting generic CTAs into more effective etc. are going to yield results but if you expect a rush of leads in a matter of days then you would not just be disappointed but also would be wasting money (since you’d be jumping from one campaign idea to another in order to reach your goal).

By following the lead generation best practices such as effective content marketing, apt leverage of Google & Facebook ads, Live & On demand webinars etc. and on the way, avoiding these few common mistakes, you can transform your lead generation engine from being a sloppy sloth to a conversion beast.

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