5 Deep Capabilities which a B2B Database Partner Should Offer

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05th May, 2022

Planning to buy B2B database? Discover 5 key capabilities for enterprise B2B database strategy that can help in delivering deeper customer experiences and accelerated results


    • The right data can help enterprises execute targeted marketing and reach valuable prospects across industries

    • With advanced B2B database capabilities, enterprises can build upon their existing infrastructure, tailor communications as per distinct customer preferences, and drive positive results

    B2B enterprises continue to rely on outdated and first-generation prospect databases which are not built for the digital age. The B2B sales lead database must be optimised with deep capabilities for amplifying active customer growth counts and accelerating revenue. Here are some deep capabilities that B2B data suppliers should leverage for augmenting sales prospecting:

    Human validation:

    Poorly validated data nukes marketing and outreach campaigns before they take the big flight. Inaccurate data leads to nearly 30% waste in the sales & marketing campaigns. Therefore, enterprises must ensure that the data collected by B2B data suppliers is human-verified for enriched and accurate information. It should also be updated on a regular basis to avoid any irrelevant or outdated details.

    Running regular validation keeps data complete valid. The process aligns the data with the sales prospecting efforts, prevents wasted marketing efforts, and delivers positive business outcome. Here are some relevant validation methods to keep the data updated:

    • Cross-reference validation: The data is mapped with another reliable data set and rejected outright if it doesn’t match the available data.
    • Data type validation: Inconsistencies of the data in terms of value are checked
    • Complex data validation: Validates data as per the custom parameters of sales campaigns

    Human validation at the very beginning of the sales process ensures that data conforms with all norms and leads to more impactful campaigns.

    Lead enrichment:

    The goal of account-based marketing is to find and target large companies that are the best match for your products or services. This can only be possible when the data collected by B2B data suppliers contains essential technographic, firmographic, and demographic information such as the technologies they are using, their business needs, etc.

    Only leads that match the ideal customer profile should be pursued. B2B data suppliers must, therefore, provide enriched lead information with key details such as job title, business size & revenue, industry vertical, etc. This would help marketers in building a proper outreach strategy.

    Whitespace discovery:

    Incomplete contact information is one of the main reasons why sales and marketing teams fail to connect with their target audience. B2B data suppliers should, therefore, leverage AI & ML-led whitespace discovery methods to append all the missing contact details such as email address, phone number, etc. to make the data more actionable.

    Filling the blank spaces helps enterprises in unlocking enormous potential and growth opportunities. Teams can discover the unknown areas to enrich the data and make sales processes more efficient. Whitespace discovery holds the promise to higher sales force productivity, greater average sales price and maximized revenue.

    Voluminous net new leads:

    In order to fuel the sales and marketing pipeline with a regular influx of new leads, it is essential for B2B data suppliers to continuously refresh their database with net-new leads. Net new leads are those leads which enter a sales funnel for the first time. Without net new data, enterprises end up paying for already what they have in hand.

    An existing lead can still be a net new lead if it shows a new purchase decision or interest in services or products. The existing lead can also be a new lead if insights indicate a new buyer journey.  There the B2B information should include the behavioral analytics and new information related to leads in their nurture stream.

    Integrated data access to all sales & marketing channels:

    The B2B sales lead database should be accessible to all the sales and marketing channels for launching multi-channel outreach campaigns. It should also be easy to integrate with popular CRM and Marketing Automation platforms for hassle-free data management. Without data integration businesses waste too much time in moving the data between source and target locations.

    Tighter integration in an ecosystem enables teams to safely move data between distinct mix of cloud and on-premise systems in simple and efficient ways. B2B data services providers should ensure improved data onboarding, expanded governance, and comprehensive visibility of data. They enable a fast roadmap to seamless electronic communication with the prospects.


    Given the importance of data in modern sales and marketing processes, it is essential for B2B data suppliers to ensure that their databases are enriched with accurate and actionable information. This can be achieved through effective data validation, whitespace discovery, and continuous refresh of net new leads. Additionally, integrated data access to all sales & marketing channels is essential for launching efficient multi-channel outreach campaigns.

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