5 Best Strategies to Build a Winning B2B Telesales Campaign

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07th Feb, 2022

Find out how telesales services can be the game changing factor for B2B marketing in 2022. Also learn about five methods/tools and best practices to leverage B2B telemarketing for higher ROI.


    • Telesales is an essential part of B2B marketing in the current market dynamics to ensure consistent sales

    • The right use of right tools and practices can increase the ROI of telesales campaigns

    With the rise of social media and digital marketing, many organizations have reduced the scope of their B2B telesales campaigns. Businesses wrongly assume that the telesales operations require high time and resources but do not offer proportionate returns. However, if leveraged effectively, B2B telesales can offer high yields and enhance the sales and marketing efforts. This article discusses the five critical strategies and practices to bolster B2B telesales success in the coming year.

    Why telesales services are integral to B2B marketing?

    Before diving into optimizing B2B campaigns, here’s why they continue to remain crucial for success:

    The human element

    While B2B prospects, leads, and points of contact may represent large firms and organizations, they’re human beings at the end of the day. In an increasingly data-driven B2B world, the human element of sales interactions sometimes takes a backseat. While keeping things professional is paramount, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that emotional and personal rapport can go a long way in influencing B2B decisions.

    The more personalized nature of telesales services can aid a B2B company stand out as an appealing partner to do business with. Backed by clearly laid out telesales processes, the human touch provided by face-to-face interactions brings with it a higher likelihood of conversion.

    Suitability for longer sales cycles and high-value deals

    It’s generally the case that B2B purchasing decisions involve a lot of stakeholders. Given the volume and scope of funds that pass hands, organizations have due processes and discussions before a final decision is made. This means that sales cycles tend to be longer and may require consistent efforts.

    Therefore, a vital ingredient of a successful B2B sales cycle is the establishment of a step-by-step relationship. The age of cold calling and approaching prospects without a strategy is on the decline. Prospects are carefully sorted with accurate data-backed reasoning before any call is made. Therefore, it is imperative to leverage telesales services as the first, one-to-one, real-time interaction with a prospective buyer. This provides a strong foundation from which a successful B2B relationship can be built.

    Instantaneous query resolution

    Another reason why B2B demand generation via telemarketing can be effective is the ease of real-time communication that it facilitates. Given the nature of B2B purchasing decisions, the sales cycle is usually going to be a drawn-out process. Key decision-makers have to carefully vet any business offering or solution before reaching a final decision. Queries are naturally bound to arise, and in such situations, a telesales call can be effective to resolve common questions and fast-track sales cycles quickly. Compare this to a more passive sales campaign, say over email or on social media, where the target audience cannot get queries addressed right away.

    Strategies and tools for telesales success in 2022

    Having a high-quality database: Any kind of telesales marketing strategy should be centered around an accurate and reliable customer database. This ensures that the prospects approached are high-intent and have a higher probability of conversion. In addition to saving time and resources, a data repository of contacts allows sales reps to focus on building rapport and keep the conversation going. Given that they have more clarity on the prospect, they can tailor sales interactions to be more personalized and bespoke.

    Revising the sales script: An effective sales script is essential as a blueprint to guide the conversation’s direction. Dreary sales scripts often create the impression to prospects that a business is not really invested in pitching the product to potential buyers. They’re usually devoid of any personalized touches and also don’t take into account the actual flow of the conversation.

    If your script is outdated, revising the sales script to ensure that it can handle different kinds of sales interactions that might arise during calls is crucial. A good telesales script gives agents a strong sense of what might come their way and how they can direct the flow of the call for maximum impact. It is based on a strong understanding of the prospect’s requirements and pain points so that any queries or follow-up requests can be handled smoothly.

    Updating the sales training: It’s crucial for B2B telesales lead generation campaigns to have sales representatives undergo specific training to hone their skills and productivity. Whether it is strategies and techniques like push-pull, anchoring, or active listening, telesales agents should control the conversation to achieve the desired result. Regular workshops and sales training efforts can be effective in equipping sales reps with adequate conversation strategies to tackle difficult customers.

    Additionally, read our blog “ Why Data is Essential for B2B Telesales (And How to Source It) to understand the importance of data in orchestrating a successful b2b telesales campaign.

    Leveraging the comprehensive monitoring and reporting system

    It is equally important to have an accurate sense of how telesales campaigns are performing in order to improve the strategy based on real-world results. With a robust monitoring and reporting system in place, telesales managers can understand performance based on relevant KPI metrics like leads contacted, appointments fixed, time taken during calls, wrap note quality, etc.

    Investing in the right telesales tools

    A range of sales automation solutions can be leveraged to make telesales processes quicker and efficient. Some of them include:

    Predictive Dialer Tool: This automated calling solution can place calls to leads and qualify them with relevant algorithms. Telesales agents no longer have to manually dial in the contacts of leads in order to reach out to them. Calls are automatically made without an agent, and if the prospect at the other end has been qualified, they will be handed over to the next agent available. This saves time and increases the efficiency of reps as well.

    Call Recording with Tagging: Recording calls is the best way to understand how the script and other engagement tactics have been performing. It also yields relevant insights into how telesales agents are able to handle prospect questions and conflicts that are not part of the script. It can also be repurposed in the future as agent training material.

    Voice-Mail Detection: This is another sales automation solution that automatically understands and terminates any call that has been redirected to voicemail. With this tool, agents can save time and focus on prospects that actually matter and are more likely to convert. It can also lead to cost savings because telephonic connection costs are brought down due to the calls being terminated.

    Best practices and tips to drive ROIs for telesales campaigns

    Scheduling time accurately: Getting the time of the call right is the first step to improving the chances of success. Given that B2B points of contact are working professionals, it is ideal for reaching out to them when it is most convenient for them. It is generally advised to call B2B prospects either early in the morning before the peak working hours of 12 PM – 2 PM or later in the evening after the same.

    Allowing agents to make momentary decisions: While having a script in place is an effective sales team baseline to understand if a telesales strategy is working or not, it is typical for telesales calls to stray away due to conversational flows. Reps must follow a rough blueprint but should also be given the freedom to make their own decisions during a telesales interaction. These can be important to build trust and make the prospect or lead feel like they are being heard.

    Using signposting: Signposting is an effective method to let the person at the other end of the call know what they should be expecting. Using the right phrases to tell prospects that they should have something at hand or be ready to take down any detail can save a lot of time and confusion. For instance, telesales representatives can say, “Now, I will be giving you a reference number that you need to note down and you must save this number for future reference. You might need a pen and paper to note this.”

    Incentivizing sales teams: Sales is usually a game of incentives for representatives, but the nature of what qualifies as a desirable incentive has arguably changed in the past few years. In addition to performance-driven financial incentives, B2B companies also offer the flexibility of location, autonomy, accommodate shifts, and other well-being benefits that help sales professionals achieve a better work-life balance.

    Handling objections and queries: It’s natural for telesales agents to run into objections with a prospect during a call. Being able to handle complaints by giving leads the time to outline their problems and clearly understanding their pain points is something that all representatives need to excel in. Sharing success stories and establishing customer confidence are other strategies that can prove to be useful while dealing with contentious customers, prospects, and leads.

    Using telesales in 2022 for success

    Using the right tools, technology, and practices, B2B telesales, and telemarketing campaigns can become an integral part of increasing revenue. Given the uncertainty around the pandemic and restrictions on movement, customers might just be more responsive to a personalized and human-centric approach that recognizes their individuality.

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