5 Best Lead Magnet Strategies to Supercharge Lead Gen Efforts

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30th Mar, 2022

With the introduction of cookie-cutter policy and decrease in third-party data, businesses now need first-party data to build their leads pipeline. Lead magnets will help capture first-party data by luring in customers with an exciting offer. Leverage these key insights for more turbo-powered and comprehensive outreach efforts.


    • Lead magnets are an effective b2b lead generation tactic that helps extract the contact information of the potential leads
    • It also builds brand’s thought leadership, drives demand generation campaigns, and keep prospects engaged for a long time

    • From social media marketing to engaging influencers and leveraging b2b database, enterprises must deploy a host of tactics to maximize the ROI of their lead magnets

    Lead magnets are nothing but offers that marketers make to potential leads in exchange for their contact information. It is an effective b2b lead generation tactic that provides marketers with contact information of their prospects. These offers primarily include downloadable content like eBooks, infographics, whitepapers, case studies, on-demand webinars, and more. They are valuable because they offer deeper insights into the subject matter and are also a great gauge of interest. People who make the extra effort in filling out their contact details are very likely interested in knowing what’s in these content pieces. Furthermore, as Google announces the introduction of cookie cutter policy, lead magnets will serve as the ideal lead generation tactics for businesses to extract zero party and first party data. This will help them navigate the loss of third-party data and build a steady lead pipeline of interested, sales-qualified prospects.

    There are some key components common to every lead magnet. It consists of the offer, a landing page with a brief context, a call to action, and a lead capturing form. What makes or breaks a lead magnet is the content on the landing page and the offer, along with the strategies that marketers undertake to get the lead magnets noticed. These lead magnets are also a great way to boost digital demand generation efficacy and build a brand’s thought leadership in the market. Let’s look at the best tactics that will ensure the success of lead magnets in a firm’s b2b lead generation campaigns:

    #1 Begin with the social media

    According to market research by Statista, over 3.6 billion people are active across social media platforms globally. This amounts to around 46% of the world’s population that likely contains a huge chunk of every firm’s target market and audience. Enterprises can get ahead of the game by seeding lead magnets and attracting potential customers.

    One benefit of social media is that, while marketers opt for paid campaigns, organic efforts can also be potentially lucrative if they have a wide enough audience on their business page.

    The next question that marketers must bear in mind before pushing their lead magnets on social media is identifying the correct platform that the majority of their audience is using. LinkedIn is usually the safest bet for b2b marketers as the platform is tailored for the b2b audience. It would also bode well for the marketers to explore their audience’s presence on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

    #2 Utilize the in-house database

    Most enterprises don’t realize that they are sitting on a gold mine of potential leads in their own database. Data captured from the website, lead generation forms, emails, telemarketing, and other avenues must be nurtured and contacted with relevant messaging to keep them interested. The point is that if marketers execute their lead generation strategies correctly, these potential leads would expect to be reached out at some time.

    The trick here is to make sure that marketers don’t send these leads something they have gotten before. Secondly, marketers must also make sure that the lead magnets genuinely arrest their interests. It is also crucial that marketers deploy an omnichannel approach. They must also try offering their lead magnets over a call. More than 60% of marketing managers working for Fortune 500 companies state that this method is very effective in disseminating lead magnets and generating qualified leads.

    Additionally, read our latest blog “How is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Future of Digital Marketing?” to understand the application of AI in b2b digital marketing and how it has improved the productivity of demand generation campaigns driving higher leads and ROI. 

    #3 Engage influencers

    Influencer marketing is gradually becoming an effective medium for b2b enterprises to seed their lead magnets. It is a common practice among organizations that don’t have a robust social media presence and those looking to build up trust with their network. Businesses must collaborate with influencers relevant to their industry and the products/services they offer. Any disconnect between the influencer and the target market will render the campaign ineffectual, roadblocking the lead generation process.

    Furthermore, businesses must ensure that the influencers have a clear guide on how they promote and share the lead magnets that adhere to the company’s branding and messaging. Of course, one of the key considerations through this avenue is how much a company will need to pay the influencers, so it turns out mutually beneficial for both of them.

    #4 Consider targeting

    Another viable strategy to push the lead magnets and bolster b2b lead generation is utilizing paid online channels. Google ads offer a great avenue, especially since the majority of buyers use the search engine in their research for solutions to address their pain points. The same can be said about social media platforms like LinkedIn, which is used by b2b decision-makers to research, engage, and interact with potential companies that can offer solutions that they want. The best thing about paid targeting campaigns is that it allows companies to push their lead magnets before those who are more likely to convert.

    While building a successful targeting campaign, businesses must make sure that the content of the lead magnet is consistent with the messaging of their paid ads. Additionally, they should veer away from aggressive ad messaging that comes off as too marketing heavy. Instead, the content must directly address the target audience’s pain points and tease them with an effective solution that the lead magnet can help deliver.

    #5 Offer different content

    Most companies offer a problem-solving guide or a detailed guide about the solutions they offer. While these content pieces have produced proven results, companies can also try different content formats to keep the audience interested for a longer time. For instance, firms can offer on-demand webinars and video content as lead magnets.

    Another effective lead magnet content is case studies. Case studies offer customers detailed insights into the real-world application of a company’s products or services and how they solved customer pain points. The key here is to use different content formats depending on the lead generation objectives in terms of nurturing and what information a company’s target audience is looking for.


    Modern b2b buyers have become much more self-servicing in their product research. This has forced savvy enterprises to leverage high-end content marketing and use them as lead magnets to attract interested customers. They must take special care to align the offer with the landing page, call to action, and brand messaging for building a uniform lead magnet strategy that maximizes lead generation for the enterprise. Lead magnets are crucial in today’s environment to address the pain points of prospective buyers. It also keeps them interested in a firm’s products or services for a long time. Applying these tactics can help brands to optimize lead magnets and build a sales-ready lead generation strategy.

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