4 Smart Ways to Find Your Next New Customer

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17th Jan, 2018

Whether you are an established business entity or have just started out, acquiring new sales prospects will always be a priority for you. In fact, it is the base camp point for any organisation, and it can be as easy or as tough a summit for you depending upon your strategy.

This strategy is the tricky part and it holds the potential to land you in the herd or make you stand apart from the rest.

The ground lesson – Never succumb to the ease of ambiguity and randomness.

Consider yourself in a situation where you are on a random shopping spree without having a clue of what exactly to purchase and why. So, what happens next? You end up wasting your valuable time and money on stuff that practically might not be any use to you. The same rule will apply when you are prospecting for new clients.

Rather than arbitrarily searching for new customers, it makes sense to make some targeted efforts. You can begin with a thorough market research that can help you to better understand the needs of your customers.

A quick cheat sheet to set you on this journey of customer acquisition with all the requisite armory:

Build Upon Existing Customers
Not just that upselling and cross-selling are easiest ways to expand your sales without going on a lookout for brand new customers, your gratitude gestures and positive customer relationships towards the existing customers can subtly make them talk about you extensively and favorably in their circle – thus, sending in new clients your way.

Step into the Prospect’s shoes
Going gaga over what you’re good at will not make your customer your big fan, in fact, it might result in an opposite reaction. You need to be crystal clear in your head that why should the customer notice you, what value proposition do you offer in conjunction with the prospects’ vision. Always remember ‘You’ is more important a word then ‘I’, especially in Sales.

Go on a Social Spree
Social selling is becoming mainstream and it is happening for a reason. It’s often said, you can’t catch a fish in mountains, you’ll have to head to the river to find one. Similarly, you need to be there where your probable customer is today, i.e. social platforms. Some stalking here and there can give you enough valuable insights. Social listening is a powerful tool after all.

Teaming up
By teaming up with different businesses with same target customer, you will be able to pick up new customers by showcasing them a wholesome package instead of a unidirectional service. It will be a win-win situation for not just you but for the customer as well and you can very well leverage this advantage.

These are few aspects which often get ignored while everybody is banging their head on how to expand their customer kitty, however, a wholesome and prepared approach is certain to grant you more than what you initially aimed for. Hence, the toil is worth the output.

What do you think attracts a customer to partner with you? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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