3 Traditional Field Marketing Strategies Refreshed for 2022

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28th Mar, 2022

Traditional field sales service will have to be data-driven for better execution, ROI mapping, and increased geo-market coverage. Enterprises need to quickly adjust their feet on street engine to meet evolving customer preferences and maximize on-shelf space across stores. Discover 3 traditional FOS sales strategies that can help enterprises secure their market share in 2022.


    • Future field sales service must be aimed at supply chain partners and customers for better visibility

    • Companies will need an agile sales framework combined with a data-driven approach to make the most out of their field marketing strategies

    • Some proven trade marketing strategies of the past that needs to be refreshed in 2022 include trade promotions, trade shows, and vendor-partner relationships

    Field Sales and marketing have historically been the most widely used and effective marketing mechanisms. While the last 2 years of restrictions put a hiatus on the field sales service, the market is slowly opening to face-to-face and direct communication. Field sales practices of the past might have delivered tangible results, however, enterprises now desire greater insights and control of their on-shelf SKUs. This has expedited a need among enterprises to build an agile and digitally-native field sales force to maximize ROI in the new normal.

    Going forward in 2022, the field sales service will have to be data-driven for better execution and ultimately increased sales. Amidst evolving customer preferences, future FOS sales practices must be aimed at supply chain partners and customers for better visibility. The goal shall be to gain partners who can get the products on shelves and in front of consumers.

    Why is field sales service important?

    Field sales service is essential for manufacturers and businesses in every product segment to ensure shelf space in stores. It helps enterprises set their brands apart from the competition when engaging with their supply chain partners and vying for valuable store spaces. It also offers a distinct advantage over competitors at the consumer level.

    Proven FOS sales strategies to be refreshed in 2022

    Companies need an agile sales framework combined with a data-driven approach to make the most out of their feet on street engine. Let’s look at some proven field sales strategies, and that can help businesses secure the market share and grow their brand:

    Trade promotions

    Promotions are a great way to build a distinct brand identity from that of the competition. Companies must provide adequate promotional content to their channel partners and distributors for giving them an additional push towards choosing their product. Promotional tactics like discounts or in-store displays to grab attention, incentive programs, etc., prove effective in increasing conversions.

    How can data help in trade promotions?

    Key sales data can help enterprises in improving conversions. Using store and distributor level data, businesses can fine-tune their tactics and build more customer-centric promotional campaigns.

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    Trade Shows

    Trade shows are an effective way to interact with potential channel partners, increase brand awareness, and demonstrate product value against their competitors. Many retailers and distributors attend trade shows with the intent to find new brands that will open new sources of sales revenue.

    How can data help in trade shows?

    Brands are likely to interact with several different partners and distributors at a trade show where they will provide product demos or samples. Therefore, it is crucial that enterprises capture activities data to organize and record all the interactions and communications they have during the show. Analyzing these data points will help them understand the patterns within the activities and be able to determine which activities are successful in achieving sales goals.

    Vendor-Partner Relationships

    An often overlooked aspect of field sales service is building mutually beneficial relationships with the channel partners. Field sales leaders must emphasize on developing a more revenue-centric relationship with their supply chain partners. They must be able to convince the partners about the viability of their products and offer some incentive to stock up and sell those products.

    To build a sustainable vendor-partner relationship, businesses must make sure that there is frequent communication and accountability on both sides. Furthermore, building a strong personal relationship with supply chain partners will go a long way in securing valuable shelf space across markets.

    How can data help in strengthening vendor-partner relationships?

    Businesses must depend on data-driven conversations with their partners to build accountability and trust in their business relationships. They must also use sales data along with revenue metrics to quantitively demonstrate the value that their brand could offer to the channel partners.

    They can also use historical sales data from other retailers to lure potential distributors or wholesalers towards their products. Retailers will be keener to stock up the products if they get a quantitative view of the extra revenue that they could be gaining.

    Additionally, read our blog “Technology-enabled Trade Marketing Solutions to Expand Geo Coverage and Brand Reach” to learn how Denave’s tech-enabled field sales service helped a leading oil & gas company achieve 40% increase in new retailer registrations and 25% upsurge in key retailer output.  


    While these field sales and marketing strategies of the pre-covid era have generated revenue for businesses, they need to be optimized for sales excellence in 2022. Being data-driven in their approach will help them elevate the brand to the next level and extract maximum value from each strategy. Businesses should leverage the field sales sevice data to build more coherent field plans, maximize their geo coverage, and demand generation in the market.

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