3 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Marketing Automation System

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03rd Apr, 2018

Being a Sales and Marketing professional, you would be well acquainted with the demanding complexities of the workplace. Right from that morning huddle with the team to assess the progress and understand the present status to shuffling between high-agenda meetings. And then there is so much more in between – all in all, it’s natural and common to feel that 24 hours are way less to make up a day.

As a leader, all this can be difficult to balance individually along with the pressure of managing large number of teams. Sometimes, one can get extremely skeptical if their efforts are even reaching the right audience, at the right time and with the right message.

Many similar thoughts since long have propelled the idea of automation to an extent that if you are not on this boat, you’re probably walking towards obsolescence without even knowing it.

In the realm of sales and marketing, new-age organizations are therefore turning to marketing automation that assists them to automate, streamline and measure marketing tasks and workflows. All these help in increasing the rate of conversions and operational efficiency at various levels. According to a research done on a sample base of 317 marketing and business professionals, 91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across the channels.

However, it isn’t always easy to make the most of your marketing automation system. In fact, you would have to wade through several terminologies, features and possibilities to answer that one perennial question – how can marketing automation system help me in fulfilling your marketing goals?

Do this to get the answer!

To get the most out of your marketing automation system, you would be needed to optimize your marketing automation system as per the needs of your company. This would require you to build a plan of action about how exactly will you utilize this platform to nurture your leads with an appropriate and targeted message that can provide the best results.

Listed below are some effective tips to optimize your existing marketing automation platform and get the most out of it:

Segmentation of audience
One of the most difficult challenges faced by the marketers is to better understand the prospects in their database, how these prospects differ from each other and then how to best market them. The finest way to deal with this challenge is to segment your prospects based on similar characteristics followed by building a strategy to cater to each segment.

However, breaking your audience into groups of like people is no small feat and would require having a robust framework along with some essential tools in place to do it properly.

Getting the matches in place

To establish the baseline goals, it’s important to perform an audit of the records. This would help to assess the health of your data and do away with the bad records. By enhancing your database, with this step, you would be able to classify businesses and associates that matches your definition of an ideal buyer.

Targeted campaign and content for fueling your automation system

Like any other business, you too are vying with your competitors to seek the attention of your prospects. To remain ahead of the competition, you will require fueling your automation system with the relevant content and targeted campaigns, which precisely provides the solutions that your prospects are looking for.

You will be building a house of cards if you build your system based on poor quality data or fail to produce relevant content to fuel the engine once the same is in place. Successful implementation of a marketing automation system requires judicious planning and orchestration. The steps listed above can act as the guiding lights for in these tasks.

How do you think automation will change the industry dynamics? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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