3 Simple Tricks to Navigate through Common Partner Marketing Challenges

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20th May, 2021

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    • Is partner digital marketing your board-room agenda? Planning to eradicate partner digital marketing struggles that obscure larger coverage?

    • The path to successful channel partner marketing continuum is not always straightforward and it flies in the face of traditional business models with unstructured & siloed processes.

    • Here are some hard-won lessons or techniques to squeeze value or maximum yield out of partner digital marketing model

    Partner digital marketing remains the stalwart mainstay of the current digital zeitgeist.  What hasn’t always been easy, though, is the ability to scale the channel marketing process for the maximum reach. Tricky part isn’t building the partner marketing process but integrating it with trusted network of partners who have great potential to create a wider impact.

    Yes! There’s a lot of tire kicking: Common partner marketing challenges

    Conventional marketing approaches

    There’s a great deal of complexity that goes into partner digital marketing. Scaling the yesteryear’s marketing approaches with siloed process can be a tricky operational challenge. In many partner marketing models, partners lack skill for marketing the resources. This inability restrains enterprises from squeezing value out of the marketing efforts.

    Finding the right partner

    Another debilitating obstacle is finding the right partner. A wrongly marked partner in the chain of list becomes the falling domino of the partner marketing campaigns. Most partner marketing models don’t perform well as the partners don’t have the digital readiness to drive campaigns

    Changing digital landscape

    Another relevant blocker is ever expanding partner marketing landscape which is constantly transcending to take new forms. Cloud, IoT and other technologies are generating disruptive forces to shape the partner marketing continuum landscape. After opting for a marketing platform, enterprises realise that their competitors are armed with better tech.

    How to navigate through these challenges?

    The aforementioned challenges can be surmounted with the right approach. Here are some top ways to beat back the partner marketing challenges:

    Level-up the digital readiness of partners: Experts forewarn that leveraging yesteryear’s marketing tech for partner marketing impacts the overall business output. The partners should be trained on modern-day digital tools for disseminating the marketing communication. They should have the right tools and support to send relevant communication updates.

    Create a partner ecosystem conducive for growth: Enterprises should partner carefully with selected marketers. They should keep their heads above the water and tread carefully with a proper roadmap for creating an ecosystem where each partner’s success inversely amplifies the success of other partners.

    Focus on nimble adaptability, and scalability: Brands should be resilient & adaptable to sustain technology changes impacting the partner marketing landscape. They should be able to scale their partner model for sustaining tech changes with minimum disruption in a sustainable manner. Updating technology can be easy, however, the difficult part is training the partners on a continuous basis who are resistant to change.

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