3 Factors to Power Up Your SEO Strategy in 2021

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19th Feb, 2021

SEO powers up your brand’s online visibility. However, the search engine giant keeps changing its algorithm every few days. How do you make sure that the steps you are implementing for SEO success are actually relevant in 2021? Then this blog will be able to offer assistance. It looks at the top 3 factors that you absolutely cannot miss out on if you are crafting a compelling SEO strategy for a brand online.


    • SEO is the key to winning more business online and gaining a competitive edge

    • But the regularly evolving algorithms means that we need to eb alert that our strategies are actually relevant to 2021 and beyond.

    • These 3 tips will be useful in 2021 and hence you should be aware of these

    • The first tip is focus on low competition keywords for better success

    • You need to focus on customer experience and user search intent

    • You also need to post SEO optimized content that is reliable, thorough, and fresh

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    93% of all customer interactions and further engagements today begin with a search query. And 75% users don’t go past the first page of search results. So if you are on the first page of the search results, then your potential to convert a customer is dramatically higher than a brand on the 5th or 6th page of the results pages. It is carefully articulated SEO campaigns that help you land on the first page of the user search query. This also leads to better volume and quality of site traffic. As a result, you get more chances to promote your brand and thus look at the likelihood of successful conversion.

    This is why we can safely say that SEO is the vital fuel that is driving successful digital marketing services outcomes in today’s online world.

    More and more businesses are coming online in the era of social distancing and pandemic. SEO can prove to be a vital inbound marketing strategy that can power up your web presence and allow you to target your prospective customers with compelling content.

    What tips and trends to be aware of?

    Google algorithms keep evolving in their quest to provide the most useful and relevant response to their search queries. This keeps digital marketing services company on their toes on the latest updates to be aware of for their SEO campaigns.

    Missing out of the latest updates and trends in this field leads to lower optimization of your content in the search engines. This is the last thing a content writer or a website owner wants for their business or brand. This is why you need to know what is the key change that will impact your digital marketing goals.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to allow your brand to stand out in the crowded online landscape

    Focus on low competition keywords

    It is no secret that with the right usage of keywords, your content can rank higher in the search engines. This helps you in getting more customers and viewers. The easiest way people use this factor is to use Google to find the right and trending keywords.

    But there are more straightforward and lesser applied tricks that can help your brand rank higher, even if it is not established yet. Start searching for low, competitive keywords. Yes, this trick can do wonders. If you go for the popular keywords, then you may not rank in the top results. But with the low competitive keywords, you can quickly get a ranking and appearance. Finding out keywords is more now made effective with tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

    Prioritize user experience

    User experience needs to be the foremost priority of every brand owner that wants to establish itself in the market. But merely focusing on the keyword insertion should not be your sole priority. With the right usage of keywords, you might rank higher, but you can’t win the audience attention. For doing this, you need relevance on your page and satisfy user search intent.

    Google has said that one of the most critical factors for ranking a website is still RankBrain. This has stayed in their factor list for a while, and its emphasis will only increase as the year progresses.

    RankBrain doesn’t solely depend on the content richness but on the user experience. As a result, if your site is not able to elevate the user experience, its ranking will eventually decrease. On the contrary, if users are having a good time on your site, then this will maintain your ranking or even get you higher on the list.

    Post content that is reliable, thorough, and fresh

    The only reason a visitor will choose your site or brand over the others will be because you are giving them content that is helpful, comprehensive, and trustworthy. No one will assess your content if it lacks reliability. It would be best if you gave the reader everything they need from your blog.

    For this reason, experts like BuzzSumo suggest having highly descriptive and in-depth content about any theme. Google will reward such descriptive and long content that is helpful to their search queries.

    As a bottom line, your long form content should provide more of what your customer wants.

    Take, for example, a new startup founder. He may search for tips to start a business successfully. Why not have a long form content that touches upon other relevant areas? These may cover points like:

    • Challenges in setting up a new business,
    • Documentation and government formalities needed
    • Taxation and VC funding,
    • Setting up websites,
    • Promoting online through SEO, and
    • Getting the first 10 customers from social media.

    The result on the reader will be amazing. She will trust the author more, keep it in her mind for long, and re-visit the site again and again, thus building brand loyalty. So when it’s time to sign up for a new Project Management software (for example), she will not hesitate to buy from that site. This is the power of long form content.

    To sign off

    As a constantly evolving domain, SEO presents new challenges to webmasters and b2b digital marketing agency every other day. Smart marketers will need to optimize the conversion rate by staying aligned to the constantly changing Google algorithms. You can follow these tips to implement the essential SEO tips in your campaigns for better brand visibility and first page ranking objectives.


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