10 Tips To Increase E-Mail Response Rates

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27th Feb, 2020

While cold-calling often receives its share of flak for not reaping optimum results, email has remained a prolific mode of communication for businesses since the beginning and it continues to stay as one of the most professional and effective marketing outreach media.

However, effective email marketing doesn’t come as an easy feat and it takes market intelligence and a good dose of communication expertise to master the art of getting more click and conversion rates.

Here are 10 simple tips for improving your email response rates:

1. Make it personal

Mass emails don’t work anymore. Personalize to showcase that you have done your homework and you know about the recipient.

2. Keep it short and simple

Prospects have a short attention span and even lesser patience hence forget about the literary jargon or long and complex content.

3. Utilize FOMO

Leverage the psychological fear of missing out by providing limited-time offers and making the service seem exclusive or intriguing.

4. Use lead magnets

Research and find out the pain points of the recipient and then use your product as the solution to fill those gaps.

5. Write impactful subject lines

Have at least 4-6 subject lines and personalize them based on the recipient.

6. Share benefits, not features

Focus on adding value instead of blowing your own trumpet. Stay away from feature-descriptive or collateral look-alike emails.

7. Build credibility

Instead of saying ‘We are the best… Company’, try using data or customer testimonials as proof points for gaining their trust.

8. Don’t overlook CTA

Build value and reliability for your product and then provide a clear CTA.

9. Proofread and test

Proofread again and again to avoid silly errors and test on multiple platforms to ensure your mail is getting rendered seamlessly on all platforms – be it mobile or desktop, with ease.

10. Comply with spam regulations

Be geo-specific spam and data privacy act compliant and have an easy-to-find unsubscribe information to make yourself appear trustworthy and ethical business.

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