Accelerate your GTM Motions with Targeted Account, Buyer, and Industry Intelligence

Redefine sales and GTM motions with Denave's GenAI-powered B2B sales intelligence solutions. Build a 360-degree, real-time visibility of your target accounts, personas, and industries and find the best-fit prospects in their buying window. Fast-track sales conversions with data-enhanced, AI-powered sales intelligence that coalesce buying signals from across channels to build predictive intent and close deals with hyper-personalized outreach cadence. Track strategic, updated market intelligence, including funding rounds, M&A activities, technology use cases, digital transformation initiatives, sales and marketing strategies, and more, to identify the right moment for targeted engagement.


Increase In Lead Conversions Through Propensity Modelling

10 Mn+

Company Data


Technologies Tracked


Time Saved On Activity Completion

Joy Nandi

Senior VP & Global Head

“Denave is extremely proud to have been recognized for providing a B2B data platform as a service with the highest quantum and coverage record for the APAC region, something which even the largest global vendors find challenging to profile”

Pinpoint Most Valuable Targets with AI and Intent

Ditch the gatekeepers and engage with the right buying ecosystem by creating detailed buyer personas using accurate signals such as buyer pain points, use cases, buying requirements, and more. Deploy these insights to kickstart personalized outreach sequences and forge meaningful sales relationships. Going beyond generic demographic and technographic data, Denave's AI-powered B2B sales intelligence solutions uncover hidden preferences, ensuring your message cuts through the noise and guides purchase decisions faster. Leveraging AI, we zero in on the ripest prospects, armed with firmographics, technographic data, and advanced company attributes, targeting key influencers by department, organizational structure, and hierarchy.


Propel HIRO Pipeline with In-Market Opportunities

Propel HIRO Pipeline with In-Market Opportunities

Unlock the power of account, industry, and buyer intelligence to elevate your sales prospecting process. Gain valuable insights that allow you to intent score prospects based on specific solution areas, optimizing your efforts and maximizing closures. Prioritize outreach with account-level intent scores and tailor engagements based on industry trends, buyer social profiles, and the latest company initiatives.

Stop Hunch-Based Selling and Sell More withAccounts Most Likely to Buy

Unlock exponential sales growth for your company by incorporating AI-powered sales intelligence into your Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy. Automate repetitive tasks like data analysis, lead scoring, and prospect qualification, freeing your team to focus on high-impact activities. This translates to increased sales conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, improved team productivity, and measurable ROI. Don't settle for guesswork. Embrace the future of GTM with Denave's AI-powered sales intelligence solutions and propel exponential sales growth across markets.

Engage More with Granular Account Insights

Go beyond ordinary firmographic data and gain a 360-degree account visibility with deep intelligence such as growth plans, M&As, sales and marketing initiatives, hiring, funding rounds, top management movements, and more. Build a real-time intelligence dashboard to get quick updates on your targeted and qualified account lists.

Orchestrate Personalized Campaigns

Supercharge your sales and ABM motions with personalized outreach and communication strategies using Denave’s GenAI-powered B2B sales intelligence solutions. Leveraging deep buyer signals and predictive intent, Denave creates messaging that resonates with the pain points and buying preferences of targeted buyers across accounts.

Gain Competitive Edge

Beat the competition by reaching in-market accounts faster than others. Weave multi-threaded engagements with your top buyers and create dynamic personalization rules based on real-time account updates to keep your prospecting on track. Identify and convert new business opportunities using accurate industry intelligence.

Increase Sales Revenue

Connect with high-intent revenue opportunities faster. Use Gen AI to gauge persona’s social and other digital activities to spark a conversation, book more qualified appointments and generate qualified sales leads. Engage with ready-to-buy prospects via email, social, website, and tele outreach.

Customer Testimonials

Career Listing

Vikas Kumar

Head - Global Digital Marketing and Operations, Cetas Healthcare

Denave is a full-fledged B2B Telesales service provider enabling businesses to focus on higher- level tasks and achieving revenue results at affordable cost. Apart from the revenue achievements, Denave has provided us with insights on opportunity progression and market intelligence. They are flexible to align with the changing business needs and their capability to provide creative solutions backed with best practices and a deep wealth of experience helped accelerate our success. Denave has continuously achieved over 100% of the targets quarter-on- quarter. For any organisation that wishes to achieve sales or operational objectives, Denave has all the needed resources to help achieve the success you need.

Career Listing
Ivan Ong

Inside Sales Manager, APAC


Rajeshwari Subramanian

Head - Corporate and Strategic Project Operations, Lenovo

Denave is an agency that defines the term partnership more than a relationship. They consistently came up with creative ways to better solve complex business problems. The team took time to understand the challenges and was able to co-create solutions to drive the business outcome we were looking for. The Denave team has the agility and the skillset to tailor their approach to our requirements and the ability to pivot very quickly based on the strategy and any tactical considerations. I would definitely recommend them as a potential partner.

Career Listing
Kirat Khara

Head Of Ecommerce


Ritesh Chopra

Director - Sales & Field Marketing, Norton

It's been a great experience partnering with Denave for the last three years. We sincerely appreciate their commitment and their quest to match the promised deliverables. We find them getting better with every project while managing Retail Brand Audit for Vivo India.

Career Listing
Manbir Grewal

Lead - Retail Brand Management


Sudeshna Basu Roy