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There is an old adage, ‘time is money,” and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to driving B2B lead generation for your business.

The more time it takes to find your target customers, the more opportunities you will leave unattended on the table. Most businesses in the APAC are stranded with a few common challenges vis-a-vis inaccurate account intelligence, siloed customer outreach tactics with lookalike messaging, and lack of personalization. Additionally, in the age of AI and automation, businesses with legacy processes register low productivity, leading to slower movement on prospect targeting and missed opportunities. Fortunately, there is a proven methodology: Denave hybrid B2B demand generation workflow.

Setting up a holistic, seamless B2B demand generation workflow internally might seem like a herculean task with multiple moving parts: B2B data services, telesales services, SEO, PPC, email marketing, and webinar marketing services. However, with the right lead generation agency with proven multi-industry experience, companies can scale up their customer outreach, accelerate lead generation, and maximize leads to deal conversions. Denave AI-led GTM workflow incorporates inbound and outbound lead generation strategies that work like a clockwork to identify, capture, and nurture in-market prospects with high propensity to buy.

Generative AI and Marketing Automation Ruling the Rooster

Engagement models are evolving across all industries- today's B2B buyers desire everything, everywhere, and at any time. Omnichannel has become table stakes and the path forward for growing B2B enterprises is to drive scalability in campaigns, messaging, and audience targeting. Fortunately, with the advent of GenAI and improvements in automation, Denave's core demand generation methodology is poised ideally to address this evolving landscape through a strategic leverage of GenAI and marketing automation.

GenAI for Smarter Targeting and Personalization:

Data Analysis and Insights: GenAI can analyse vast amounts of customer data, including buying patterns, website interactions, and social media behaviour. This allows B2B marketers to understand their target audience better and identify high-value leads.

Content Creation: GenAI can automate content creation tasks like writing personalized emails, social media posts, and even blog articles. This frees up marketers to focus on strategy and high-level content.

Hyper-Targeting: With GenAI's ability to analyse data and personalize content, B2B marketers can deliver highly targeted messages that resonate with specific audience segments. This increases engagement and conversion rates.

Marketing Automation for Streamlined Workflows:

Lead Scoring and Nurturing: Marketing automation platforms can score leads based on their engagement and fit for the product or service. This helps prioritize leads and send targeted nurturing campaigns to keep them engaged until they're sales-qualified. 

Repetitive Tasks: Automation can handle repetitive tasks like sending follow-up emails, scheduling social media posts, and managing lead nurturing campaigns. This frees up marketers to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Multi-Channel Marketing: Marketing automation platforms allow B2B marketers to manage and personalize marketing campaigns across different channels, such as email, social media, and website. This creates a consistent and cohesive customer experience.

Hybrid inbound and outbound outreach for HIRO pipeline

Thriving competition, saturated marketing, and siloed outreach cadences are among the most common reasons that break down the lead generation engine of most B2B enterprises.

Lack of brand advocacy and incoherent communication with the target audience deprives marketers of a pipeline that is nurtured for conversion. This is where Denave's hybrid mix of inbound and outbound outreach encompassing multiple channels enables enterprises to circumvent the competitive, saturated market landscape. Marketers need to open a direct line of communication with their prospects across channels with higher response rates. There are two important components of a hybrid outreach strategy, i.e., the message and the distribution of the message, whether it is being consumed by the audience or not.

Denave enables a multi-touch, multichannel outreach cadence powered by accurate sales intelligence and scaled by GenAI leverages to build a sales pipeline populated with accounts that have a high intent to purchase.

The traditional linear buying journey is a thing of the past. Today, customers embark on a non-linear path, engaging with various vendors and researching competing solutions across different channels. They may fluctuate between being in-market and not in-market. Denave's response to this dynamic landscape is a multi-touch cadence, encompassing digital, telesales, and webinar marketing services. This approach is designed to create, capture, and convert demand, regardless of the customer's current market status.

Signal-based GTM motions

Signals are the persona-level and account-level intent depicted by your target accounts across different stages of their buying journey. Signals add a new layer of data over the traditional contact, account, and opportunity data. They are tracked empirically through one or more tools offered by signal data providers, creating a real-time repository of buyer's behavioural data for quick GTM resource and process optimization.

At Denave, we weave third-party intent-based signals within our propriety B2B sales intelligence platform that offers real-time updated insights across:

Account intelligence: Contextualized insights on your target accounts, including sales, marketing, digital initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and technology initiatives. It helps businesses understand current and future business priorities to match account fitment and accordingly tailor GTM campaigns for higher hit rates.

Industry intelligence: Real-time industry signals to discover emerging use-cases, granular insights on technology demand and maturity across each industry, advanced insights on ecosystem drivers, and more to structure a winning outreach strategy.

Buyer intelligence: Catalogued buyer intelligence- not just contacts but deep behavioural data, encompassing pain points, and psychographic insights. It also contains deep buyer activity data such as website clicks, ad clicks, dark social engagement, webinar engagement, and more all in a single place to build hyper-personalized outreach.

Using these contextualized sales signals, businesses can build hyper-personalized marketing cadence that ignites demand, creates need, and accelerate sales conversations. Denave's B2B sales intelligence allows businesses to be more human and in sync with pain points and demands of their best-fit buyers. Being able to micro-target buying committees using contextualized intelligence allows companies to drive the message at the right time on the right channels.


The ever-changing B2B landscape presents a multitude of challenges for lead generation. Denave's hybrid B2B demand generation workflow tackles these head-on by offering a comprehensive solution. This data-driven approach seamlessly combines inbound and outbound strategies, harnesses the power of GenAI and marketing automation for efficient outreach, and integrates real-time signal-based marketing to target high-value prospects at the most opportune moments. By partnering with Denave, you can streamline your sales cycle, optimize marketing ROI, nurture leads effectively, and gain a significant competitive edge. Let Denave help you ditch outdated tactics and embrace a data-driven approach to lead generation. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your lead generation efforts and fuel your business growth.

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