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Customer service is not just a support function; it's a strategic asset that can significantly impact sales and overall business success.

In an age where customers are seen not just as a means to a transaction but as a long-term brand advocacy partner, the mandate for businesses, whether big or small, to exceed customer needs is existential. The key challenges facing IT, SaaS, and Software product companies are customer retention and capitalizing on areas of opportunities for market expansion. Every customer query is an opportunity for sales, and every grievance is potentially a hit to the pipeline.
SaaS and software product companies, on the other hand, struggle to increase the organization’s user consumption and renewal business. These challenges all connect back to the need for streamlining customer-facing business processes and delivering frictionless customer service even before they enter your sales funnel.

⦿ Today, 88% of customers say that the experience they have with a brand is equally important as its products or services.
⦿ Almost 80% of companies plan to increase investments in customer experience.

Key growth drivers impacting market expansion and sales growth in the IT sector:

⦿ Increasing demand for omnichannel customer support models that aid customers in solution identification and vendor research.
⦿ Capitalizing on every sales opportunities to win a loyal customer.
⦿ Keeping pace with evolving customer demands.
⦿ Delivering a positive end-to-end user experience.

Sales and marketing leaders in the IT sector understand how critical it is to focus on acquiring and retaining new customers during market volatility when new competitors are entering the space. Working with a tech-enabled, agile BPO service provider can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.
However, in a rush to capture maximum market share, most organizations have quickly resolved to outsource lead generation for B2B companies. The pitfall here is a lack of commitment to customer experience that hurts the pipeline in the long run.

The Challenge: Low New Customer Acquisition
Lead generation and new customer acquisition are age-old problems for B2B enterprises. Furthermore, customers opting for more self-service content and resources during their awareness phase has led to an even longer wait time before a customer connects with a customer support executive or a sales rep. Additionally, digital disruption and changing customer behaviour have rendered certain KPIs and SLAs, like average handling time and occupancy rate, irrelevant.

The Solution:
With Denave’s fully-managed call center services, including inbound and outbound calling for lead generation and B2B appointment setting, the world’s leading IT brand was able to increase its net new customer acquisition in the APAC markets.

1. Optimizing Dialling Strategies: By identifying the most opportune times to contact customers and minimizing idle time, you can significantly increase the number of meaningful connections made by agents, resulting in improved efficiency and higher overall outbound call success rates.
2. Customer Insights and Segmentation: The outbound call center agents must be provided with insights on purchase and industry trends for each potential account so that you can plan the engagement beforehand.
3. Focus on pipeline hygiene: Improve forecast accuracy by clearly defining BANT criteria and auditing the pipeline at every stage.
4. Optimizing Outbound Calling Strategies: Determine outbound campaign KPIs based on the results you want to achieve. In the case of the campaign where the objective is to deliver closure revenue, start with identifying the ideal conversion percentage from customer touch to opportunity creation and then to final closure. Furthermore, with the use of tools like ‘Conversational AI’, you can streamline audits, quality, cost, training, and regulatory compliances.

The Result:
⦿ 90%+ lead connectivity across channels- inbound, outbound calls, chat, and SMS
⦿ 133% net new consumption revenue for the technology giant
The Challenge: Low Conversion on Inbound Queries & Lower Repeat Business
One of the common bottlenecks of large conglomerates in the IT industry is their inability to manage in-house resources that can focus on handling inbound queries. Furthermore, with a focus on large enterprise tickets, these companies often fail to generate repeat business from their SMB customer base. Furthermore, due to the cost-intensive nature of handling multilingual customer support teams businesses often fail to justify the ROI.

The Solution:
Denave’s 24/7 multilingual call centre capabilities, coupled with deep expertise in client’s target markets, enabled the world’s leading OEM brand to penetrate SMB and consumer segments. By leveraging business process outsourcing, the brand effectively converted inbound queries from calls, chats, or Emails into sales opportunities via a strong value proposition.

1. Inside Sales: An outsourced inside sales team can help businesses streamline their inbound and outbound call handling while turning the cost centre into a revenue centre. With a clear focus on revenue generation, multilingual telesales teams can exceed sales targets through solution-selling, upselling, and cross-selling.
2. Customer Support Outsourcing: Outsourcing customer support services is no longer optional. Businesses working in different geographies require multilingual call center services providing flexible 24-hour support along with dedicated OB calling to follow up with the customers and account management for SMB customers.

The Result:
⦿ 110,000 chats answered every quarter
⦿ 50,000 calls answered every quarter
⦿ 10,000 new customers added translating into USD 12 million revenue per quarter


Despite the challenging macro-economic and vendor-buyer landscape, Denave has been successful in developing a market base for our top IT clients using our BPO customer service. With fully managed retainer-based B2B telesales services, we execute lead generation for B2B and appointment setting while delivering top-notch customer experience across channels for maximum sales impacts.

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