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Data is a dynamic business entity that keeps evolving with time. When it comes to B2B corporate database, a lot of things can go wrong, be it the customer details, formatting, duplication, and so on. Enterprises must deploy data cleaning and data scrubbing techniques to leverage data correctly for various business operations.

Businesses collect swathes of raw data across multiple touchpoints. However, simply collecting data is not enough to personalize customer outreach and improve customer experience. Companies need to dive deeper into the raw datasets, eliminate gaps, errors, and typos and append new information to effectively use them. This is where data scrubbing comes to the rescue.

What is data scrubbing?

Data scrubbing or data cleansing is the process of preparing, processing, and cleaning B2B corporate database to keep it refreshed and relevant for demand generation and sales outreach campaigns. It involves standardizing, repairing, and eliminating erroneous data in the B2B prospect database. The process also ensures that the captured data points are accessible across functions in an organization. The end goal is to free the data from common errors that restrict its usability and drive up the sales and marketing costs.

Importance of data scrubbing for B2B enterprises

Accurate customer data is the fuel that drives the modern demand generation engine of B2B organizations. It impacts multiple processes and is essential to scale the revenue generation campaigns. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of scrubbing and cleaning B2B data:

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    Remove inaccuracies, update, and refresh the database

    As part of the data maintenance process, data scrubbing services are essential to keep the B2B sales leads database updated and relevant for maximum output. It helps keep the database renewed with new information, deleting old details and updating the contact information as needed. It enables enterprises to get a single unified view of data and allows cross-functional teams to access it for their various revenue generation activities easily.

    Using data scrubbing techniques, enterprises can monitor errors and fix the wrong or corrupt data. It also removes duplicate data that can lead to inefficiencies in the system.

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    Enhance customer acquisition efforts

    One of the primary benefits of B2B data scrubbing services is its positive impact on the overall sales performance. When B2B marketers have access to high-quality data, they will be able to generate sales-qualified leads and minimize the costs incurred across various campaigns. Furthermore, B2B data cleansing helps in identifying valuable accounts and accounts with high intent and enables marketers to build personalized communication around those accounts to maximize engagement and conversions.

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    Easy to segment campaigns

    Clean and verified data makes it easy for the enterprise demand generation teams to segment their audience based on different parameters. This also enables them to segment campaigns based on which audience they are looking to target. This would not be possible if the data is dirty, outdated, or incorrect and lead to wastage of resources at a time when marketers worldwide are facing budget cuts. Segmenting audiences allows for more tailored content which talks directly to the prospects and solves their pain points.

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    Targeted sales and marketing campaigns

    At the enterprise level, companies need access to data across multiple sources to execute their sales and marketing activities. Onboarding such a huge amount of data is a complex process, in part because different sources throw up data in different formats with unique taxonomies. Data scrubbing is a critical element for larger data quality management to handle the variations and normalize data for optimum use. It enables organizations to remove redundancies, duplicates, append and enrich the gaps with new information.

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    Optimize costs

    When businesses outsource data cleansing and data scrubbing services, they can reduce the operational costs of managing huge swathes of data. Furthermore, they will get access to automated data management tools along with industry expertise, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives. High-quality B2B data removes the guesswork from sales and marketing operations and supports better BI analytics with improved decision-making capabilities across teams.


Since most of the B2B sales and marketing objectives now revolve around data, it is mission-critical to keep the B2B corporate database clean, complete, and as close to perfection as possible. Businesses can outsource data scrubbing and data cleansing services to a B2B data provider to maximize data integrity and keep it usable for a longer duration of time.

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