Top Reasons why B2B Marketing Strategies Fail and Ways to Prime them for Success

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09th Mar, 2021

Here are some red flags and succeeding strategies that B2B marketers need to look out for while executing their campaigns.


    • There are several factors affecting B2B marketing campaign during execution

    • Enterprises can cross these hurdles, here are the ways to overcome climb these barriers and ensure smoother execution of B2B marketing campaigns

    While efficacious B2B marketing is necessary to stay ahead of the competition, sometimes it backfires. In many cases, the strategy is too heavy to lift, too slow to reinstate, too inefficient to be deployed. Sometimes lead goals or traffic fell short, teams get stressed, or sometimes companies don’t complete the pieces on time.

    Several factors can affect a B2B marketing campaign during execution. As per some recent surveys, only 61% of marketers believe their marketing strategy to be effective. Pinpointing the shortcomings and developing improvised strategies can be the first step in solving B2B marketing issues. Therefore, here we have listed five most-stumbled-upon hurdles in executing a flawless B2B marketing campaign and ways to overcome them.

    Reason #1: Teams lack the expertise to execute campaigns

    Marketers are focusing on the wrong issue. Surveys say buyers are 48% more likely to consider a brand that personalizes their marketing to address their certain business issues. Expert marketers know how to define the pain points accurately to avoid the rocky start of their marketing campaign.

    Hiring novice marketers can be a huge drawback because, in the field of marketing, creativity is a clear cut conclusion of the experience. 50% of businesses these days have switched to digital marketing, but they function without a plan. Undefined or unclear goals that aren’t tied to data make the path hazy, hence obstructing the growth of the marketing campaign.

    Solution: Deep dive into the root cause of the problems

    To battle all these issues, organizations need to understand the true problems. Team leaders should supplement their team and hold brainstorming sessions to talk about failures, and strengthen the weak muscles. To make a B2B marketing campaign successful, marketing teams should work on the principle of SMART for their goals that say:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic
    • Time-based

    Teams must learn the value of SMART goals, discuss them frequently, and document them on regular basis. The bottom line of SMART goals is: if you want to be successful, be consistent in your efforts.

    Reason #2: Huge ROI Misconceptions

    Most enterprises ignore the concept of ‘Risk of Inaction’ while focusing on Return on Investment. B2B companies mostly take the R in ROI as revenues which isn’t the fact because the R in ROI is Returns. Emphasizing solely on revenues doesn’t just make the whole marketing framework weak from the core, but it also doesn’t take the revenues of the company anywhere.

    Solution: Have a holistic approach

    Marketing experts need to stop selling with marketing. Instead, they should use marketing to drive customers to purchase. B2B companies need to ensure that they look for quantitative as well as qualitative metrics while measuring their ROI. Quantitative metrics include overall website traffic, visibility on social platforms, number of downloads, number of interactions, etc. Whereas, the qualitative metrics include valid product feedback, influencer marketing records, and so on. Marketers should keep monitoring the aforementioned metrics and tweak their strategy based on the results.

    Reason #3: Wrong choice of platforms

    You might think that the world’s most active social platform with the largest user base might be right for you, but this isn’t the fact. B2B social media is more reliant on industry research than popular trend. But marketers fall for something easier to spread the word, just because their competition is doing the same. The end result is doing a lot of “social activity” without any results.

    Solution: Do what is right for your business, don’t do what’s easy

    Enterprises should talk to B2B social media experts and try to find out which platform is right for your business. Do your background research experiment with a few platforms, and pick the one which helps you stay ahead of the growth curve.

    Reason #4: Lack of proper metrics to make efforts measurable

    Entrepreneurs often ignore the fact that metrics are critical to any campaign. In fact, as per a recent study, it has been discovered that 62% of companies do not agree to hire an analyst to understand data. Without a skilled analyst or justified analytics, it’s near impossible to understand what doesn’t work and what works for a specific audience. Marketers need to adopt a B2B marketing strategy based on data because, without information, failure is likely.

    Solution: Recognize and evaluate metrics

    Enterprises need to identify a set of significant metrics that adhere to their business objectives. Then they need to implement the strategy by using the right marketing technology and precisely measure the data points.

    Reason #5: Ignoring the value of content 

    One of the biggest mistakes that marketers commit is failing to develop a seamless B2B content marketing strategy. Do you know that 23.5% of prospective clients rule out firms due to poor quality content? Marketers are often skeptical about whether content marketing is worth investment. But creative and relevant content is necessary to engage the audience, build trust, and even to rank on search engines to match SEO algorithms. B2B content marketing strategies fail when:

    • The content doesn’t harmonize with the interests of the target audience
    • The content inclines more towards the promotional side, instead of being educational
    • The content isn’t easy to find by the customers
    • The content is inconsistent, random, or ad hoc

    Solution: Plot an innovative and atomic content marketing strategy that works for your business

    To cope up with content marketing issues, most firms should start with blogging. Blog posts can be a great way to interact with the potential audience. Besides the keyword density, content structure, and demographic research should also be included under the umbrella of content marketing.

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    Marketing isn’t one man’s job; it is a collective effort. To make any marketing campaign successful, a team should work together with a seamless strategy blueprint. B2B marketing campaigns are no exception to this. Modern-day marketing is technology-based and not gut-based. Analytics and insight-driven marketing operations help enterprises in improving customer journeys and smoothening the ‘path to purchase.’

    For more details, read our digital marketing page.

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