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Ensuring compliance and maximizing reach using B2B data services

In today's data-driven world, understanding and complying with evolving data privacy regulations is crucial for every B2B organization. Especially with new advancements like India's DPDP Act, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This episode of DenPulse, featuring Joy Nandi, Senior VP of Intelligent Data Services at Denave, dives deep into the complexities of data privacy and consent, offering valuable insights and actionable steps for navigating this constantly changing landscape.

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Key Takeaways

Data privacy regulations are critical: Whether you're familiar with established frameworks or navigating new ones like India's DPDP Act, understanding legitimate data use is paramount.
Consent is crucial: Every organization, regardless of data source (fiduciary or processor), must obtain specific consent and offer clear opt-out/revocation options.
Channel considerations: Adapt your opt-in scripts for different channels. Even on platforms like LinkedIn, explicitly articulate your specific use case for user data.
Consent storage and action: Robustly store consent records and have a clear process for handling revocation requests.
Maximize your reach: Utilize multiple digital and telecommunication channels to gather data with relevant consent information.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for the final episode of DenPulse, where we explore how Denave's B2B database services empower you to navigate the complexities of data privacy and consent, ensuring compliance and maximizing your B2B marketing and sales reach.
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