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Cost of B2B Data and its Impact on Sales and Marketing

In the competitive world of B2B marketing, data quality and reach are crucial for campaign success. But with diverse B2B data providers and pricing models, making informed decisions can be challenging. This episode of DenPulse, featuring Joy Nandi, Senior VP of Intelligent Data Services at Denave, tackles the complexities of data costs and platform pricing, empowering you to optimize your spend and maximize your return on investment.

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Key Learnings:

• Cost vs. value: Don't solely focus on price. Prioritize the accuracy of B2B data and its impact on reachability and response rates. Request sample data and test it against your use case.
• Subscription platform complexities: Understand user licenses, data download limits, and renewal terms. Avoid auto-renewals and hidden fees.
• Feature pricing: Be wary of platforms charging extra for essential features like market signals and buyer intent, often with usage restrictions.
• Data validation: Choose platforms with frequent real-time validation checks for accuracy and mobile reachability information.

Invaluable Insights:

• Gain expert guidance on navigating third-party data platforms and pricing models.
• Learn how to assess data quality and its true impact on your B2B marketing ROI.
• Discover strategies to optimize your data budget for measurable results.

This is where Denave comes to the rescue. With a large quantum of 60 million B2B data covering enterprise, mid-market, and SMB with additional technographic and firmographic insights. Get coverage across most of APAC/India/Latin America with real-time validation and B2B data enrichment.

Watch the full episode to learn more about Denave’s B2B database services.

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