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Felicitated for the most innovative internal communication & Employee Engagement campaign

New Delhi, June 25th, 2018 — Denave, a global sales tech company focused on driving revenue growth for customers, won BAM Awards 2018 hosted by Indian Brand Convention for the most innovative Internal Communication & Employee Engagement Campaign - Innovation@Work. The award ceremony concluded on 23rd June at Hotel Radisson, Gurugram in the presence of esteemed dignitaries and industry professionals. Denave was adjudged winner based on rigorous assessment on varied parameters like objective and strategy behind the campaign, originality of the idea, involvement of cross-functional business units, and realistic conversions of the ideas among others.

Shubhra Sinha, General Manager, Marketing and Communication, Denave who received the award, shared her thoughts, “I am thrilled to be receiving this award on behalf of Denave. It is great to be honored as a torchbearer for inculcating a culture of innovation within the company. In this dynamic era where trends change every other day, innovation is the only means for progression without resolving into stagnation. I am happy that we have been successful in breaking the halo around it and establishing it as a cultural shift.”

Shubhra was also a key speaker at the event and she shared her thoughts on ‘Aligning Corporate Objectives and Brand Strategy’ as part of one of the keynote session.

It is moment of immense pride for us. Active participation and enthusiasm showcased by our employees in making this campaign a success, is commendable. Congratulations to Shubhra and the Marketing Communication team for their effort in conceptualizing and driving this initiative, and successfully instilling this in the company core philosophy. At Denave, it has always been an approach of innovation which has spearheaded every strategy or project, I believe this win will push us further in the direction of making Denave an Innovation-First company”, added Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave.

Initiated in 2015, Innovation@Work was conceived with the dual objective of challenging the status quo and inculcating the culture of innovation across levels at Denave. The campaign has witnessed two immensely successful seasons with over 4000 innovative ideas being collected till date and over 16 disruptive ideas already implemented. The campaign has also resulted in the expansion of Denave’s service portfolio with the addition of 2 new service lines.

Indian Brand Convention, since 2013, hosts conference & Awards and Recognition ceremony for networking and felicitating best minds in the field of Branding, Marketing, Design, Communications, Advertising and Sales from across the country.

About Denave

Denave is a global sales enablement company focused on driving revenue growth for its customers through a wide range of service offerings. The company leverages latest technology trends and disruptive approach to create effective sales engines. Denave has built multi-industry expertise partnering with global businesses and takes a solution-conscious approach to deliver best practices in sales by leveraging people, processes, technology and innovation to drive revenue. Denave has reach across 5 continents, 50+ countries and 500+ cities globally. For more information, please visit www.denave.com 

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