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India, May 31, 2024 - Denave, a leading revenue acceleration solution provider, today unveiled their human-enabled, Generative AI-powered capabilities and data-driven GTM processes, to drive measurable revenue impact for enterprises globally.

"Traditional sales and marketing outreach methods are no longer enough to keep pace in today's competitive landscape," said Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO & Co-founder, Denave. He further added, "Leveraging the power of AI and automation alongside human expertise, our AI-powered service bouquet is empowering businesses globally, responsibly and securely, to target high-intent buyers with laser precision, personalize outreach at scale, and ultimately drive superior revenue results."

As consumers and go-to-market (GTM) motions continue to evolve at warp speed, driven by digital transformation, there are significant opportunities for enterprises to implement AI in their revenue development and enablement programs. The new predictive and assistive generative AI capabilities embedded within Denave's offerings extend beyond traditional sales intelligence and demand generation methodologies. They drive greater productivity and provide proactive insights, enabling enterprises to leverage generative AI for sustained business momentum and increased revenue generation through account, industry, and buyer intelligence.

"By leveraging AI-powered sales intelligence solutions, we can shift from hunch-based selling to a strategic approach that focuses on accounts and buying groups most likely to purchase. This means harnessing solution-wise predicted intent, leveraging market and account insights, and curating hyper-personalized outreach. Our GTM teams are empowered with targeted intelligence and customized chatbots, with a capability of delivering 15% growth in sales pipeline with 3X faster deal cycles, and a 5X increase in win rates. That's what Denave's brings to our customers. By unlocking account, industry, and buyer intelligence, we know exactly whom to call first and can personalize our outreach at scale", added Joy Nandi, Senior VP & Global Head, Intelligent Data Services at Denave.

Commenting on this initiative, Sunil Munshi, Chief Revenue Officer, Denave, said, "Imagine AI as a powerful engine, but one that needs a skilled driver to navigate the road to success. Denave is committed to develop integrated, data-driven solutions that enhance targeting accuracy, streamline strategies, and provide deeper, actionable insights into sales and marketing efforts, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness and maximizing ROI for our clients.

The company has initiated various AI-led training programs to nurture the current skill set and meet the demands of modern enterprises.

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About Denave
Denave was founded 25 years ago with a vision to be the world's leading revenue acceleration solution provider. With our technology-powered ethos, Denave is pivoting to new AI-enabled capabilities and data-driven GTM processes, poised effectively to drive measurable revenue impact for enterprises globally. We are staunchly committed to co-creating value for our clients with a robust sales engine, with reach across 5 continents, 50+ countries, and 500+ cities. Supported by the 4000+ employee ecosystem and 30+ multi-language capabilities, Denave has successfully influenced more than USD 7 billion revenue for clients globally. A great-place-to-work certified organization, Denave has been honored across national and international forums.

Denave is a UDS group company with presence across Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, India, and the UK, offering a vast array of AI-powered revenue acceleration offerings that including sales intelligence, data services, digital marketing, telesales, field sales, BTL marketing, webinar marketing, sales training, business analytics and more. For more information, please visit www.denave.com or follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.