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Denave Unveils Merchandising Analytics Solution

London, February 19, 2019— Denave, a global sales tech organization focused on driving revenue growth for its customers, has channeled its strong experience in Retail field operations gathered over the past two decades. The company announced the launch of its Merchandising Retail Analytics Solution, strongly armed with intelligent data assessment and data integration techniques.

The Merchandising Analytics Solution provides an integrated global reporting platform that gives a consolidated view of data from multiple geographies, entities and functions. It thwarts data anomalies and enables standardizing of merchandising processes, performances and KPIs as global benchmark for performance evaluation. Proven to be scalable to the tune of 7X, it enriches pre-reporting data quality from 70% to up to 99.9% through data cleaning and processing techniques.

Sharing capabilities of the robust solution, Ms. Geeta Khurana, Global Head - Transformation, Denave said “Merchandising in the retail scenario is mostly unorganized, faced with multiple issues such as poor data quality, inconsistent metric definitions, poorly defined processes, managing multiple reporting platforms to name a few. While designing this solution, we looked at addressing each of these concerns, and moreover we never lost track of our larger vision of ‘simplifying and enhancing data’. The pilot results have been heartening given its proven scalability and enriched data quality scores besides minimizing turnaround time for reporting which is crucial for the review mechanisms.” 

Mr. Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave, said, “Compliance, optimisation and visibility are key priorities in the retail merchandising segment. Moving notches above existing Merchandising Analytics in the market and in keeping with both local and global needs, this service shall act as an enabler for all companies who are looking to increase their merchandising effectiveness. This is not a standalone service standardizing merchandizing activity through data assessment and data integration; but is a strategic part of our Sales Enablement portfolio that we are confident of becoming an essential for retail businesses.”

The solution boasts of features such as centralized data collection, data assessment & integration, visibility optimization, availability optimization, retail space audit, sales impact & correlation and planning & forecasting.

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