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New Delhi – April 05, 2016: As economies the world over continue to grow, many enterprises are focusing on adopting an aggressive sales approach. This has become imperative because changing market conditions have impacted and altered the buyer environment. Buyers today are far more informed and easily disengage with sellers who provide no value and relevant information. As a strategic approach, enterprises today employ sales enablement as a key driver.

Denave, a global sales enablement organisation, is ahead in the race as a service-provider, driving the future of sales enablement with an in-house technology development team. The company believes that the winning strategy rests in innovative sales enablement methodology, which can be used to establish best practices, help businesses better understand their customer, provide insight into buyer behaviours, and improve sales effectiveness. With extensive domain expertise and a blended, as well as a solution-conscious approach, the company focuses on successfully executing sales, bridging existing gaps, creating growth opportunities, and driving profitability for enterprises.

Commenting on the sales enablement industry, Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave said, “For most enterprises, driving revenue growth, acquiring new customers and changing the way sales representatives carry out their operations are key sales objectives. These objectives get challenged considering the diverse nature of markets globally, as well as the complex and vast products portfolio. In order to address the needs of savvy customers, enterprises must transform the way they sell and the way they look at sales. Just empowering the sales team is not enough. To be future ready, enterprises must partner with market experts who focus on delivering sales enablement as an end-to-end process - right from strategizing plans to executing sales. No longer a choice, sales enablement has become a business necessity.”

According to Denave, in 2016 there will be a shift towards patching the leaks in the sales funnel by closely integrating marketing and sales during the customer journey. In this regard, Denave has many firsts to its credit in the development of technology tools such as myDen, DenMobile, DenCRM, specifically conceptualized and created for the enablement of sales. Taking this into consideration, here are a few forecasted sales enablement trends: 

  • Mobility - the fastest path to organizational change, cost efficiencies and increased productivity
  • Cloud – enabling a culture of agile, real-time data-driven decision making to give enterprises a competitive edge
  • Analytics – helping convert the huge quantum of sales data into actionable insights
  • Technology-driven White Space Database Generation – leading to an access to untapped database and increasing the size of the pie for larger sales impact
  • Localization of Voice Activated Instructions – Future development in speech recognition has the power to take sales strategy execution effectiveness to greater heights in emerging markets.

In order to enable effective sales, it is imperative to look at sales enablement as a holistic, end-to-end process – covering every aspect of sales, right from ideating action plans to successful implementation. To read the Denave’s full whitepaper on “Deconstructing Sales Enablement”, please visit www.denave.com/whitepaper.htm


Denave is a global sales enablement company focused on driving revenue growth for its customers through a gamut of service offerings. The company has built multi-industry expertise partnering with global businesses and takes a solution-conscious last-mile approach to deliver best practices in sales by leveraging people, processes and technology to drive revenue. Denave has reach across 5 continents, 19 countries and 500+ cities globally and has a workforce strength of over 5000 employees. For more information, please visit www.denave.com

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