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Leading Global Handset Manufacturer



Devise Partner-Led Initiative

Execute regular visual merchandising, retail hygiene & compliance management across 2825 stores, in 165 cities across India.


Scale Up Revenue

Improve brand visibility and track adherence to branding guidelines, offer based POSM deployments and removal of outdates ones


Widespread Market Penetration

Drive better compliance scores through regular compliance checks and sift maintenance


Limited visibility of the field activity and productivity of auditors/ visual merchandisers

Manual reporting of retail execution activities, hence loss of critical audit information

No maker-checker mechanism to validate the retail executions and visual merchandising data

Delayed transmission of data from field to decision makers

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

Highly Integrable

Planned visits through permanent journey plan-based store allocations, with flexibility to add stores

Highly Integrable

Tele Profiling

Implemented simple, efficient, and customizable data collection forms for faster visit closures & improved productivity

Highly Integrable

Branding Strategy

Deployed mobile dashboard for retail auditors to track visits & approved/rejected audits

Highly Integrable

Linkedin Campaigns

Enabled web auditor to validate audit results from field

Highly Integrable

Email Marketing

Implemented compliance management mechanism to log and track issues

Highly Integrable

Webinar Management

An intelligent dashboard with customized role-based view of retail hygiene scores with inferences, trend analysis and data drilldown for building/altering strategies

Program Reach

Progrm Reach

Impact Generated


More monthly visits to key partners, to drive improved compliance


Improved hygiene compliance scores


More stores covered per month


Faster turnaround time resolution


Faster replenishment of point-of-sale materials

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