Our Client

World’s leading manufacturers of wire rope

Campaign Objective

The objective was to support different tier partner with the brand's ISG (Server /storage/Backup) Pipeline


Brand Awareness

The objective was to increase organic rankings and visbility for the company's website in India and the USA markets.


Social Media Marketing

The brand wanted to increase engagement on social media platforms that would give them visibility on relevant industry forums.


Low organic presence which resulted in low traffic

Less content on the website and not optimized

Technical hygiene issues

Brand value didn’t resonate with the amount of traffic on the website

No fixed digital brand communication or creative process

Low/no growth on social media followers and engagement

Visibility on relevant industry forums was negligible

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

SEO Services

Detailed website and competitor analysis to identify areas of organic growth. Optimized off-page, on-page, and content strategies to drive organic search engine ranking. Improved load time of website to ensure better interaction and conversion rate.

Highly Integrable

Social Media Marketing

Strategically defined the social media calendar and put together a defined brand communication and creative strategy basis the brand guidelines. Activated industry forums participation to increase visibility of the brand and content to the relevant ICP.

Services Offered

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Program Reach

India USA
Progrm Reach
pan india

Impact Generated


rankings for more than 30 high propensity keywords in India Market and more than 20 Keywords in US market in just 5 months


Increase in organic non-brand impressions


Increase in organic non-brand clicks


increment in organic CTR (1.5% in June'22 to 9.4% in April '23)


growth in organic Linkedin followers for the brand.


average growth in monthly organic followers.


more engagement organically on social media posts for the brand

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