Our Client

Global technology brand

Campaign Objective


Compliance Management

Ensure that the reported software corresponds to the actual software hosted and to rectify under/over reporting and provide an optimized reporting structure.


Licensing Awareness

Provide licensing education to generate awareness and help customers with accurate reporting and provide hybrid hosting infrastructure (Cloud & On-Premise) for maintaining customer’s privacy.


Non-viability of the on-site audit to manage the un-managed hosting community.

Ensuring compliance was not possible that resulted in loss of ROI.

Duplicity of data by hosting companies in the self-assessment, made it difficult to identify shortfalls.

Inaccurate reporting by service providers due to complex licensing rules, incorrect understanding of the reporting structure with distributor and intentional under-reporting.

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

Compliance checks

Analysis of the previous 1-3 years of the reporting prior to the engagement to arrive at an approximation of the host infrastructure. A comprehensive questionnaire designed to explore incomplete/hidden information and to collate inputs effectively.

Highly Integrable

Inside sales team

A competent team was built with the right training techniques and hosting infrastructure demos to carry out intelligent conversations with the targeted companies.

Program Reach

Progrm Reach

Services Offered


Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Technology leverage

BI Analytics

Impact Generated

Overall 40% increase

in reporting across the APAC region without any backlog


of target hosting companies reported better post campaign execution in APAC

48% Increase

in reporting across Middle East and Africa region with 84% accounts reporting better, post campaign execution and with backlog reporting correction.

Overall 165%

achievement of target in MEA region and 180% in APAC.

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