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Planogram Management

Understanding the importance of implementing automated planogram management and Undertaking adoption of cost-effective and dedicated planogram software for elevating customer experience and maximizing ROI


Manual methods for deploying and managing the planogram arrangement for exclusive stores.

Outdated processes to create, update, and manage the store planogram layouts.

Delays in planogram adherence at the store manager level and lack of timely updates.

Lack of dynamic environment required for inclusion/exclusion of products and placement changes to maximize visibility of new/focused products.

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

Automate planogram management

Denave’s proprietary Planogram Automation tool was implemented. It leveraged AI-led image processing and computer vision to automate the creation, updation, and templatization of planograms.

Highly Integrable

Planogram deployment

Denave facilitated a quicker turnaround on the creation and roll-out process for timely deployment of consumer-focused planograms to drive compliance, maximise visibility and improve sales

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Impact Generated


repetitive tasks and achieved 90% reduction in manual work


automation across all the verticals using dedicated planogram management tools


reduction in rollout time by building, updating, and deploying planograms across all the stores in just a few clicks


reduction in operating cost


increase in sales

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