Our Client

US-based computer technology brand

Campaign Objective


Demand Generation

Shaping appropriate partner enablement program to drive demand generation by creating digital swell, leading to maximised ROI and expanded sales footprint.


Market Expansion

Tapping into the SMBs and mid-market segments of tech industries to generate relevant leads and win more deals.


Limited digital presence in the SMB segment and lack of brand advocacy in the niche.

Lack of partner digital enablement leading to revenue leakages.

Execution Methodology

Highly Integrable

Email marketing

Conducted rigorous Email marketing campaigns utilising drip-based methodology. Emails were drafted based on recipient’s interest on a particular product to achieve higher success rate.

Highly Integrable

Content syndication

Established systematic and consistent posting and advertisement on various content syndication platform. Content syndication on various tech-based platforms like Tech Target allowed potential audience to download required assets thereby helping us approach the relevant prospect.

Highly Integrable

Content marketing

Publishing posts in native language and targeting the audience based on location and their preference helped us achieve engagement levels that exceeded industry benchmarks and witnessed 15% increase in MQL rate.

Highly Integrable

Programmatic advertising

Engaged PPC experts to set up campaigns based on locations and active time zones. Campaigns were optimized based on bid modifier.

Program Reach

Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Korea Hong kong Japan South Korea Singapore Philippines
Progrm Reach
South Korea
hong kong

Services Offered

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Webinar Management

Impact Generated


accepted pipeline value


impressions generated


enquiries through digital marketing initiatives

More than 300

new accounts and 1000 accepted leads


program spanning across 6 countries with 20k accounts touched

A whopping 90%

increase in users

Q-o-Q 140%

increase in form fills

10% spike

in sales conversion rate

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