Want to keep up your revenue as the world of sales goes remote?

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14th Aug, 2020

People all over the world trying to find their balance in this new world order defined by the pandemic.  And businesses are also coming to terms with what is being referred to as the new normal, albeit it’s not that simple given that there is no prior reference or examples to follow. While some brands are doing a stupendous job on this front, some are still struggling, & a section might still be waiting on the fence for more clarity to strategize their next steps.

However, last few months have made us understand that it is a long haul and for businesses, the time to recalibrate their action plans is now (or it’s never!). In the world of sales, Inside Sales is also undergoing a makeover to suit the aspects of this new normal. The nuances of prospecting, nurturing, closing & even managing the partner ecosystem alongside all these, have all turned upon a new chapter.

And this new chapter requires new RULES to be learned.

Companies, small, big or even the ones who just started budding right before the outbreak brought everything to a standstill, are experimenting with innovative tactics and blended strategies to leverage the gradual opening-up of the market.

Want to know the secret to success in these times?

If you want your inside sales team to go into a thriving mode even when the world is struggling with everything going ‘remote’ then join our FREE webinar on Inside Sales & Partner Management – Recalibrate for the new normal where our in-house expert, Boba Sharma, Senior VP – Sales and Strategy & Global Key Account Director, Denave  will talk about the complete inside sales journey & partner management in these new market conditions.

Some more aspects which will be covered during the webinar:

  • Art of smarter conversations for sustaining high-touch sales
  • Ideal sales tech stack required by inside sales reps for the new market
  • Sales acceleration tools and tactics suited for current setting
  • Best practices to ensure partner enablement in a remote selling model
  • Leveraging digital demand gen tactics to support partners’ lead gen campaigns (and much more)

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