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01st Mar, 2022

Webinar is considered to be one of the most productive tool to bolster customer engagement efforts and online lead generation in the present digital-first environment. Discover step-by-step guide to setting up a webinar and how marketers can generate high-quality leads through it.


    • Webinar is a virtual event that is streamed using video conferencing tools to connect with customers and bolster lead generation

    • Marketers must leverage unique and fresh content that is engaging and addresses customer pain points

    • On demand webinars also empowers marketers to generate high-quality sales leads and expand their sales funnel

    In today’s time, webinars service is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools which has helped organisations to increase their brand visibility, generate leads and finally convert the leads into customers. It has become a crucial cog in an enterprise’s digital demand generation engine.

    Here is a complete guide about everything marketers need to know while setting up a webinar. Let’s start from the basics:

    What is a webinar?

    Webinar is an online event where virtual audience can participate. Webinar can be streamed both live and recorded.

    How to host a webinar?

    Webinar as mentioned earlier is considered to be one of the best ways to generate leads in today’s time. In order to host a successful webinar, marketers need to begin by finalising a topic that should be relevant for their target audience.

    After selecting the topic, they need to decide upon the platform on which they will host the webinar. Make sure that the platform to set up a webinar is user friendly. There are multiple platforms like Zoom, GoToWebinar, Teams, Google Hangout etc. which are widely used for hosting online webinar services.

    Marketers also need a suitable device with stable internet connection equipped with a microphone and camera to broadcast the voice and the video. Once the above things are in place, marketers must chalk out the promotion plan to attract their target audience

    How to prepare for a webinar?

    Once marketers have decided on their goals for the webinar,they should decide on the following:

    • Select a relevant topic that will be addressing the pain points of your target audience.
    • Select a relevant date considering holidays etc.
    • The ultimate goal is to have as many attendees as possible, for this to happen they need to create a registration form and circulate it within their target audience.
    • Have the best promotion plan in place so that they can create as much awareness as possible about the event.

    How to promote on demand webinars?

    Webinar promotions can take place in the following ways:

    • Social media – Countdown posts, other relevant posts, social media ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will help marketers reach out to a wider audience.
    • Email Invitation – Email is still considered to be the best and most targeted way of communicating with you audience
    • Website – Create a call to action for webinar visitors to register for the webinar. Write a blog article on the topic of the webinar and incorporate the registration link in it.

    How to prepare content for the webinar?

    As per research report the best way to divide the webinar content is into these three-part:

    • 15 minutes of introduction to the topic, host and company
    • 25 minutes talking about the topic, mentioning the challenges, how to be future ready etc.
    • 15 minutes of Q&A for audience interaction

    Do not make the presentation content heavy, use more images, infographics, pie charts etc. Do not forget to have multiple dry runs for the webinar on the selected platform.

    Contact us to learn more about our on demand webinar services and kickstart your customer outreach marketing efforts with engaging virtual events.

    How to make your webinar engaging?

    It is important to have a two-way communication while setting up a webinar in order to grasp the attention of the target audience. Marketers can conduct small surveys, polls quizzes etc while hosting the webinar service and it engaging.

    It is important to have a moderator during the webinar as he/she can handle all the questions popping up in the Q&A or chat section.

    It is also important that the speakers and the moderators have their webcam on, so that the audience can see them as it creates a personal touch. Put the recording of your webinar on the website, share the link on YouTube channel and on other social media platforms, this will help digital marketers to continuously generate leads. They can also refurbish the webinar content and draft blogs, Infographics and Ebooks from it.

    How to select the speaker for the webinar service?

    Here are some of the skills required for a good speaker:

    • Great communication skills
    • Should have a sense of humour to be able to keep the audience engaged with his/her quick witty sentences
    • Be patient and allow people to connect with the session
    • Provide great content and conversations
    • Multitasker
    • Should be ready with relevant study materials, to be able to answer the audience
    • Have fast typing skills
    • Should be thorough with the webinar platform selected

    How to generate leads through webinar?

    Webinar is considered one of the hottest way to generate leads as people who have registered for the webinar have already revealed a level of committed.

    • Have a proper registration form in place- It is advisable to ask for all the essential details while filling in the registration form.
    • Select the details you want to collect – You can go ahead with basic information like name, email id or can collect detailed information like phone no, name of the company, designation etc.
    • Discover the list – Use the registration list for follow-ups or for email marketing purpose

    What are the problems marketers should be prepare with while setting up a webinar?

    Here are few of the problems marketers should be prepared with:

    • Device hangs or crashes – It is advisable to login from two devices, in case one of the system crashes marketers have a backup ready. Also, they must reduce the number of background tasks running to avoid processor overload.
    • Internet not working – Turn the mobile handset into temporary hotspot so that there is not disturbance while the webinar is going on.
    • Absence of a speaker – Always be ready with backup speaker to avoid last minute rush.


    As physical events and seminars came to an unceremonious halt, enterprises squandered to leverage video hosting platforms as their go-to-medium to create virtual events. Theses online webinar services have also become instrumental to maximize online lead generation activities. Conducting a webinar requires marketers to follow a set of well-defined steps that will help them execute personalized, informative, and engaging on demand webinars.

    Get in touch with our customer outreach experts to leverage on demand services for maximizing customer engagement efforts and building a steady pool of sales-qualified leads.

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