Trade Marketing – And That’s how you create a winning strategy

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09th Jun, 2021

Trade Marketing Series – Part 3


    • In Part 2 we discussed ways to find the right trade marketing partner

    • In this part, we will discuss ways to outline & execute a breakthrough trade marketing strategy

    • Enterprises can speed to several steps in the right direction by parlaying these best practices

    of marketing to consumeAll organisations understand the valuers. After all, if the consumer doesn’t know about your products existence, there will be no demand in the market, hence, leading to zero sales. It might sound simple, to create demand of your product in the market, however, with growing competition on a daily basis, many companies fail to develop a proper strategy when it comes to marketing your products and services to the wholesalers, distributors, retailers etc. that brings them closer to their target customers.

    There are a lot of tools and best practices which can be followed while creating a winning strategy for trade marketing. The ultimate goal of trade marketing is to market to the retailers so that the company can reach out to the right set of audience.

    In this last part of the Trade Marketing article series, we are going to discuss about some of the tools that can be used for creating a winning trade marketing strategy. We will also talk about the benefits of having a trade marketing strategy in place.

    Some of the channels which you can explore based on your business model:

    Trade Shows

    Advantage is that you get an active, engaged and interested audience, all in one plane.

    Trade Promotions

    Offers incentivising the purchases can never go wrong.

    Trade Magazines and Websites

    Apt visibility across the right platforms means you get the right eyeballs.


    Even retailers want to sell a product which will help in building a loyal customer base instead of doing a one-time sale.

    Market Research

    Nothing can undermine the value of consistent market research which strengthens the reliance on data and eliminates guesswork as much as possible.

    Digital Marketing

    In today’s era of social selling, digital is something you cannot ignore anymore.

    Relationship Management

    A solo survival is a thing of past, a collaborated vision is striven for – be it in terms of exchanging market research, aligning operational systems for shared savings etc.

    Trade marketing is considered to be one of the oldest methods of marketing and has been a favourite choice of people in the business world. Therefore, this marketing method is bound to have many benefits.

    Here are few benefits of having a proper trade marketing strategy in place:

    • Ensures your product is always in demand and there is continues supply of it
    • If your trade marketing strategy is in place, the retailers will always promote your product over the competitors giving you longevity
    • It helps you to establish and maintain relationships with key supply chain contacts
    • Ensures high profit for your business
    • Increases the chances of upselling and remarketing for your target audience

    While the list of benefits is a long one and we can’t capture it in one article but as a marketer, if you want to explore the turf further and see how you can realise success in your trade marketing dream then talking to an expert won’t hurt. We are all ears! .

    Want to read the series from the beginning? Click here to read the first part where we dissect the basics of Trade Marketing because a strong core knowledge is necessary for a good strategy. And if you want to know the secret sauce recipe of finding the perfect Trade marketing Partner, then click here.

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