Pivot to an Integrated approach – Digital Demand Generation Plan to Drive Business Growth

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14th Jul, 2020

Over 53% of marketers spend more than 50% of their budgets on lead generation.

50% of the leads in any sales funnel are nowhere near being ready to buy.

A couple of stats that must intrigue the sales and marketing fraternity. It clearly points out that somewhere there is a gap in terms of intent and output. More food for thought here, if these are the stats from the yester normal times, what is the scenario in the COVID19 era?

Can demand be created? Taking from the top

A sale is a journey – both of a seller and a buyer. Even those sales that happen on whim depicts a journey. This journey can be best visualized in the table below.

Summing up the integration

Breaking each step

Right Universe

This entails ‘whom’ to reach out to. This is the starting point for all the marketing campaigns – identifying the target customer persona and its various touch-points. This requires a contactable, scalable, & reliable database that helps capture the whitespace as well as achieve the business plans of geo penetration & net new customer acquisition.

Intelligent Database Management System is Denave’s proprietary Data as a Service platform that enables sales and marketing professionals to gain access to high volumes of contactable data for their inside sales, email marketing and demand generation campaigns in a heartbeat. The critical factor to understand here is that it accurately fills in the market gap of

  • accessibility of enriched & contactable data increasing the success rate of email marketing campaigns exponentially
  • accessibility of desired breadth & width of the database for targeted outreach
  • accessibility of standardized data in countries that do not have English as the main language
  • upfront visibility to the quality of the dataset

Foundation of a successful Lead generation program starts from the right database, as it ensures

  • The minimal bounce rate of email marketing
  • Better conversion rates from Digital Marketing
  • Multi-channel targeting and reach expansion
  • Efficient email execution with visibility into the success metrics
  • High BANT qualified leads – Lead volume

Awareness and Nurture

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases

Not surprisingly!

Once the right universe, i.e the right person to contact has been identified, it is time to kickstart the digital marketing campaign to reach out to the prospects across its maximum touch-points for awareness and nurturing.

Content plays a vital role in this stage. A robust content strategy helps in outreach and also distilling the basis of the prospect their interest and intent. Various digital marketing tactics that can be quantified and qualified for measurable marketing results can be included. Some of them are listed below.

  • Target the universe of deeply segmented accounts via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of the content. It can also be expanded to include Programmatic, Social Media Marketing (SMM) & content syndication efforts for expanding the reach.
  • Then comes the nurturing of account that can be done via paid SMM, drip mails and electronic digital mailers. This step can keep evolving basis behavioural and interest of the prospects
  • A content – depicted across the above two steps can be gauzed to further discover the interest of the prospect and reconfirm the details. The details garnered by form fills, clicks and impressions garnered render Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Denave’s Digital Marketing service effectively caters to every step of the sales journey – right from leveraging a focused database strategy to a targeted digital nurturing journey to eventually feeding the nurtured accounts into a robust demand generation engine. It includes a customised digital solution that comprises building a defined content and creative strategy or looking for ways to enable the selling ecosystem or even run a nurturing campaign that improves customer stickiness. Precisely, an end-to-end digital capability to address every step of the sales funnel.

Demand Generation

Tele-marketing steps in to take proceed with MQLs and push their conversion to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Deep diving here into terminologies MQLs and SQLs in terms of buyer’s journey, MQLs are clearly the buyers who are in their early stage of journey. The targeted Digital Marketing campaigns and right nurturing via relevant content strategy has made them aware of their pain-point and the product’s ability to overcome that pain-point but they may not be yet ready to make that buying decision. Tele-marketing teams qualify these leads as MQLs and pass on to Inside Sales team who further take the charge.

Sales Revenue

Inside Sales team provide these leads with targeted information that may have been impeding their purchase decision or lure the sale’s closure by incentives that may push them to make that final call. They qualify these erstwhile MQLs into SQLs. With these tactics they make it sales accepted lead and push the conversion.

Things to remember

Briefly, an integrated approach incorporates all the following:

  • It provides for a seamless transition right from ‘finding the right person to contact’ to ‘reach out to the right person’ and ‘convert that person into a customer’
  • It reduces the gap between MQL & SQL
  • It aligns sales & marketing into one single ‘revenue team’
  • It builds and follow through the customer journey in totality – an end to end funnel management

At Denave, Demand Generation strategies are delivered through domain, language and culture experts – all resulting in a robust sales journey and end-to-end sales enablement. It involves deploying the correct mix of digital and proven traditional marketing methods to yield a stronger sales funnel, provide sales-ready leads, build a robust sales pipeline, shorten the sales cycle, increase conversion rates, support inside-sales function, manage the web of channel partners and accelerate the efficacy and productivity of the sales process.

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