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07th Sep, 2020

The pandemic has impacted every industry and retail is no exception. With reduced customer footfall retail sector has seen a drastic dip. However, now the sector is gradually picking up pace and trying to get back into its groove.  Supporting the retailers in such a situation is BI & Analytics which is helping them to do the requisite introspection & to have calculated expectations, both of which are needed for not just surviving but also reinventing & thriving in these new market conditions.

Analytics finds its usage at every stage in the retail process, from keeping track of competitors and emerging products to tracking sales and predicting future demands. Analytics can also be implemented to optimize the placement and pricing of new products for increased sales.

Join us for an interesting webinar ‘Retail Redefined: Analytics Take the Centre Stage’ where Ashish Singh, AVP & Head – Business Analytics, Denave will talk about how exactly Analytics is helping retailers in navigating this road towards recovery. He’ll talk about the latest trends and some best practices of Retail Analytics.

Some more aspects which will be covered during the webinar:

  • Role, contribution and challenges of data analytics for retail
  • Understanding the requisite strategic changes as per the new market
  • Tips for chalking out an intelligent and data-driven future plan
  • How to best utilise the downtime for carrying out long pending analysis
  • Tips for understanding what the customer wants
  • Cost & resource optimisation techniques based on diagnostic & prescriptive analytics (and much more)

So, as a retail biz person if you want your business to swing back into action without compromising on revenue, then this is a must-attend webinar for you.

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