A sneak peek into the journey from MQL to SQL/SAL

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14th Sep, 2020

Demand generation has been one of the key priorities for marketing teams since always and it has become further critical in the current times. With that, leads naturally becomes the biggest asset for businesses. If not nurtured well throughout their lifecycle, a potential opportunity disappears. In the journey from an MQL to SQL/SAL, lies the secret of ensuring better conversion of Leads into Opportunities. Lack of visibility into this journey translates in to drop leads, ultimately hampering the pipeline for sales teams.

Don’t want that to happen?

Join us for an interesting webinar on “Light at the end of Lead Tunnel” where M P Narayanachar, VP-Business Development, APAC, Denave & Boba Sharma, Senior VP – Sales and Strategy & Global Key Account Director, Denave where they will talk about bridging the gap between MQL and SQL. They’ll also discuss about how companies can leverage automation-driven Lead Management platforms which would throw the light and increase visibility of lead progress – thereby getting the demand generation agency, partner & marketers, on same page.

They will also deliberate upon:

  • How to ensure complete visibility into the lead progress to avoid misses
  • Tips to maximize your yield from leads by automating feedback in real-time
  • How to choose the best lead automation platform as per your biz needs
  • Full-proof methods to avoid lead drops midway

So, if you want your demand gen agency, partners and marketers on the same page (& thus, see more leads getting converted into leads), then book a spot for yourself NOW!

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