6 Incredible Lead Generation Services or Techniques to Power Businesses Ahead of the Growth Curve

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22nd Mar, 2021

This blog underlines some effective virtual lead generation services and techniques for businesses of all sizes. The blog also shares few latest digital marketing trends followed by top B2B digital marketing service providers


    • Industry experts forewarn that enterprises cannot achieve everything with B2B Digital Marketing Services or techniques in one day

    • New types of content formats and channels create new set of lead generation challenges

    • Enterprises vying for B2B digital marketing services should track these 6 techniques to benchmark their response against the emerging challenges

    There are several intertwining issues that add to the lead generation woes. Sales and marketing teams squander an absurd amount of financial resources & time and still fail to get the leads they require in the funnel. Teams need to play their cards right and brainstorm ideas to generate qualified leads. Here are six result-oriented strategies that can help enterprises to power the pipeline.

    #1 Value added virtual content to the rescue

    Content marketing is the one-stop solution for businesses that organically want to generate sales lead online. Unlike the outbound models of marketing, this inbound way of generating leads can easily convince the potential audience to close more deals. Many businesses use gated content, but most industry experts recommend educating the audience for greater engagement. The B2B digital marketing service mix should prioritize a variety of formats to reach the audience:

    • Infographics
    • Blogs
    • Images
    • Videos
    • GIFs
    • Podcasts
    • Case Studies
    • White Papers

    #2 Social selling can do the wonders

    Social selling is a great way to convert an ideal buyer. Marketers must create a selling strategy and then nurture the messaging sequence with lead magnets (like offers, discounts, etc.) to connect with the customers on a personal level. Influencer outreach or LinkedIn channels are some of the examples here.

    Know how a Corporate Database or customer database can help you expand net new business. Read this resource “Ws and Hs of Database Management for Business.”

    #3 SEO and website optimization

    A landing page is the very first opportunity for businesses to present their brand and convert visitors into a lead. Successful landing pages are a blend of design and content to establish a brand’s value proposition in the audience’s mind. B2B marketers need to optimize their website and their content to make it rank on the SERPs. Some sure-fire SEO tips include:

    • Making a mobile-friendly page
    • Improving user experience across a website
    • Creating backlinks
    • Using optimum keyword density
    • Optimizing a site for voice search
    • Keeping the results of an SEO campaign traceable

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     #4 Pay Per Click advertising

    Google pay-per-click can bring marketers a shower of leads, provided if they know how to utilize PPC without spending a truckload of money. PPC can be a complete disaster if businesses fail to target the relevant keywords in their platforms. But, when the keywords are targeted properly and the right platform is determined, PPC can bring immense traffic to a site.

     #5 Host webinars

    Webinars power up the online lead generation procedure. Marketers should pick a challenge facing the audience and try to address it strategically in the on-demand webinar campaigns.

    Setting up a sequence of events after webinars and video calls can be a creative way to keep the customer engaged. It might sound quite like a podcast, but it is not. Why? For a webinar, the target audience needs to sign up. Signing up means that they already are interested in your topic.

    Thought-provoking and on demand webinars help in building a funnel of new prospects, focusing on new markets, enhancing existing product/ service line, or building industry thought leadership. However, setting up a webinar and defining each of these objectives require a strategic outreach plan, one that is backed by a campaign-driven approach focussing on:

    • Building a pool of right audience in absence of face-to-face communication
    • Maximizing reach – across geographies
    • Creating a mix of right prospects, right pitch, right messaging, interest qualification, and closing the gap of availability and mind share
    • Enabling intelligent integration of digital engagement and prospect connect
    • Selecting mediums to reconnect with customers
    • Selecting multiple formats that would align with the set objective – be it fireside chats, one-on-one conversations, chat show, webinars, virtual events and more

    Whether it is about new or existing customers, there needs to be the right method, periodicity and approach defined while setting a webinar.

    Connecting with the right person at the right time can happen outside movies too!

    Denave webinar hosting services can help you define webinar strategy channelize your efforts in the right direction. Give us just 30 min, and we will show you how.

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     #6 Use the good-old email marketing

    Most marketers think that Email marketing services is outdated. But it is alive and kicking. Email marketing is one of the most famous and most effective methods of lead generation after content marketing. The reasons are pretty straightforward for this popularity:

    • Email marketing is easy
    • It is ubiquitous as almost everybody has an email, which isn’t changing anytime soon.
    • It is valuable as it is often the first touch point to a lead

    Driving qualified leads for a business can be time taking, it takes the patience of a gardener. Moreover, it requires the right expertise to build a long-range strategy. Denave B2B digital marketing services team have over two decades of expertise across the peaks and plains of demand generation landscape to generate leads.

    Contact Denave experts to harness these actionable tactics and drive more leads into the funnel. Visit our demand generation services page for more information.

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