5 Telesales Challenges that Obscure Profitability

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18th Oct, 2022

Several factors cascade failures in Telesales processes and thwart prospecting. Eliminating them at the beginning can help organizations in setting more appointments and driving growth.


    • Telesales presents serious challenges, and it has both winners and losers.

    • Some brands have pivoted effectively, while others are still firefighting to navigate quick changes in customer behavior and technology.

    • This had left many wondering how brands can adopt a stronger and more data-driven approach to improve the ROI.

    Many organisations continue to run legacy and first-generation telesales campaigns — which are never built as per digital customers in mind. Successful telesales requires a bit of work and teams should build upon the existing infrastructure to ramp up processes and gain new efficiencies.

    Many enterprises struggle with manual tasks and silos that slow down telesales processes. Here are some common hurdles that enterprises must overcome:

    5 Telesales Challenges To Overcome for Business Growth

    1. Inefficient Telesales Processes: 

    In conventional telesales processes there is no alignment between different departments. The group of agents don’t interact with other processes or agents. The processes are misaligned across goals, culture, and content. Outdated spreadsheets and whiteboards fail to enable permeable, real-time communications across the organisation. This inability prevents enterprises from delivering a unified experience to prospects. Sales agents don’t get an update on what’s happening across the business.

    2. Inaccurate Data: 

    Poor data seriously dents telesales prospecting – it wastes a significant amount of sales rep’s time and efforts. Inaccurate data misinforms sales representatives about prospects and their needs. Gaps in data, duplicated information, or missing fields prevent organisations from segmenting personas and understanding their needs. It can be embarrassing, and a business reducing error to call a company and asking for a person who has left the organisation years ago. Wrong data makes sales as difficult as selling ice to the Eskimos.

    Poor and unstructured data also makes it difficult to derive high-quality analytics results from it. Redundant and outdated data results into inaccurate results for the sales team. It leads into conflict among business units that use the same data. Marketing and sales teams fail to tailor communications as per distinct customer preferences.

    3. Integration Issues: 

    Technological advancements have significantly reduced the efficacy of standalone telesales processes. Siloed and fragmented telesales processes slow down and complicate sales cycles. Most enterprises fail to mesh their telesales processes with social media, email, and other online platforms. Silos prevent enterprises from getting 360 degree and clear view of sales conversations taking place on other channels. Operational silos create a broken view of customer and restrains enterprises from improving customer experience.

    4. Informed Customers: 

    Today’s customers are informed customers as they have more information at their disposal. They interact with the digital properties and channels before making any purchase decision. If the sales professional or digital interaction doesn’t answer their queries, then they don’t hesitate to hop for alternatives. The availability of more options further shrinks the window for sales representatives. Organisations should also elevate their game to keep up with the informed customer.

    5. Lack of Training: 

    Learning and development is the most pressing and overarching challenge faced by telesales teams. Frequent changes in technology and customer behaviour mandates learning and development to be highly reactive and actionable. However, most enterprises undermine training and development initiatives of their telesales representatives. They stay behind in onboarding agents on time and getting them up to speed.

    Our guide unveils new and transformative strategies to smackdown the most common telesales challenges and unlock the hidden ROI.


    Brands need to adopt a stronger and data-driven approach to counteract their B2B telesales challenges and focus on securing more decision-makers’ appointments. It is critical to identify the challenges and find ways to crush them at the very beginning. Understanding what is impeding the telesales productivity and hampering the path to qualified lead generation is essential to optimize and improve the demand generation campaigns in the long run.  

    If you would like a conversation with our sales team to find out how we might be able to help you, get in touch today!

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