Denave started out without any external funding. We started off as a channel
services company, and later diversified into other services at different points.

This was the year of our
Foundation – when Denave came
into existence. We bagged
our first big project with
an industry-leading name.
Of course, we partied!


Got close to venture funding, and then the dot com bubble burst!

Signed up our next set of
big league customers and
went to market with a
venture funding plan.


The world was hit by 9/11. While most things stopped, what continued to go on was “sales”.

We got our first realisation
of focusing on sales services
based on an array of interactions
and happenings around us. Sales
was never getting out of fashion!


We were just so close to closing down just a while before this!

The year Denave wrote off all its
past losses and turned profitable.


From talking to the organisations at Level 3 or level 4 in the industry landscape,
we started conversations with the Level 1 and 2. We also got the confidence
to rollout large programs in short duration.

We launched Denave XTP
(Extreme Plaza), a retail focused
solution which turned out
to be a turning point for us.
This solution attracted the large
retail players and helped us
get inroads and start
interacting with the decision
makers there. Tele as a service
came into being this year.


We started flirting with the idea of setting up International
operations, and starting the recce process in Singapore

We got our first 1 crore contract!


We started to take steps towards joining the pieces of the sales enablement
puzzle! The word Denavite was also coined around this time.

Conceptualisation of Quality,
training and HR as a support
service happened around
this time.


The confidence came from having serviced SEA regions from India
and the understanding of the market we had developed.

We took the first big plunge
and decided to foray outside
India. This is the year that
our Singapore operation came
into existence.


Started focusing on technology platform development as sales enablers.

Revenue growth at 100% YoY
4th year in a row. Also launched
Tele-Partner Account Management,
Remote Training and On-the-job
training as a service.


Market tanked around this year. But we got the proof of our concept too.
Denave did not do any lay offs and there was no negative business impact.

We continued adding service
lines as per sales relevance
and requirement, and continued
enhancing our sales enablement
service bouquet.


Re-positioned Denave as a Sales Enablement company.

By this time, we had expanded
beyond the technology vertical
and established our competence
in the Telecom and Energy sector
as well.


Flat growth year due to market conditions.

Our technology offering took
a major leap with the acquisition
of Avita Software. Our landmark
tech enablers like DenTrack,
myDen, DenCRM got conceptualised
around this time. Obviously
they have been evolved
manifolds over the years.


This client went to to become our biggest win for the years to come!.

Signed up our first
USD 5 million contract.


Denave Launched a CSR service for Gurgaon police along with a major
customer – helping Gurgaon police track traffic violation offender
leveraging Denave’s mobile platform based tool – the project was
called the 3rd eye project.

Our Malaysia operation was
incorporated in this year.
Given the potential of the SEA
market, we were sure of having
a delivery center out of Malaysia,
and hence set up an operations
center as a starting point.


APAC market opened up during this time with lots of new opportunities.

Crossed the 100-crore mark.
Also forayed into the ONG
industry with a prestigious client win.


Denave, an India grown company, went Asian and now global – a proud
moment for us to have incorporated an Indian MNC.

Denave Europe was incorporated
this year, with an office being
set up in London. A presence
in this market opened up
opportunities for us in the
western world and helped
us look beyond Asia Pacific.


Our Malaysia operation became profitable within 3 monthsx of operations!

Denave Malaysia Delivery center
came into being with the
objective of making Malaysia
the Centre of Excellence for
our SMB and Cloud Penetration
strategy services.


This was followed by a company-wide celebration across
all our offices and the excitement was papable!

Denave joined Red Herring
Global Top100 Club. Crossed
200-crore mark.


Now we are moving in the direction of leveraging technology to disrupt the sales
enablement landscape and we are as charged up as ever for more!

Diversified service line & kickstarted
development of technology products
to cover the gamut of sales enablement
from strategy to execution. Introduced BI &
Analytics as a service line and
launched DenSales, our first step
towards building technology tool dedicated
for Sales Force Automation (SFA)


This was followed by a company-wide celebration across
all our offices and the excitement was papable!

SFA roadmap touched next level
with introduction of DenTrack,
our Trade marketing solution
and launched technology R&D set-up for
investing into our intelligent Database
Management service line. We set
up Telesales-Delivery Centre in Korea


Now we are moving in the direction
of leveraging technology to
disrupt the sales
enablement landscape and we are
as charged up as ever for more!

Enhanced service portfolio – Introduced
Partner Marketing Concierge & Digital
Demand Generation services leveraging Digital
Marketing. Established Intelligent Database
Management service as a revenue stream
and also launched DenREX, our
retail visibility solution.


Denave became a
Great Place to Work-Certified company.
The Poland entity was
also established this year!

Denave became a
Great Place to Work-Certified company
The Poland entity was
also established this year.