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15th Jun, 2021

Rewriting the Retail Strategy with Virtual Retail in Times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, and fears of an impending lockdown lurk around the corner every moment. This has forced many retailers and e-commerce marketers to think long and hard about staying competitive and sailing through the economic fallout. 

02nd Mar, 2021

Sales enablement trends and benchmark best practices for 2021 & beyond

In 2020, it was the pandemic which outpaced our learnings. The pathogen slammed economies, slowed growth, and impacted almost every aspect of life while crawling continents. In 2021, let’s hope it will be the learnings which will outpace Covid-19.

23rd Feb, 2021

Why 2021 will be the year of building customer relationships

While the pandemic wreaked havoc on 2020’s best-laid plans, the real question is that will we pick up steam from where we left in the pre-COVID-19 era?

29th Jan, 2021

2021: Year of Building Customer Relationships

Each one of us had plans for 2020- individuals, businesses, even countries. But what did 2020 do?Punched all of us in the mouth and left all plans upended.But as we all ring in 2021, there is no reverting back to the ‘way things were’.