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05th Dec, 2017

Technology Trends Which Will Change the Sales Game in 2018

The year that went by, witnessed multiple market shifts in the prevailing technology trends. Be it in the realm of artificial intelligence, cloud, virtual reality, mobility etc., the year saw a great deal of evolution.

31st Oct, 2017

Empowering SMBs in resource fulfilment

With cloud and mobility adoption, SMBs with a fraction of an enterprise investment, can potentially disrupt the market with their optimized solutions.

10th Oct, 2017

Social Selling – Fad or Necessity

With more than 67% of internet users worldwide using social networks, according to a LinkedIn study, the era of social selling is here and is rapidly becoming a buzzword in the selling world.

09th Oct, 2017

Fuelling business growth in India: Here is the catalyst

With so much data available today, we have gradually stepped into an era where everything is data-driven, from what will click in the market to when should one launch the product.