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20th Jun, 2018

Can AI and Big Data Analytics remodel Retail

Redefinition of the retail industry is not new. In fact, this revamp has been set in motion now for a couple of years. Considered to be buzzwords not so soon ago, technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, 3-D Hologram etc. have today changed the retail landscape in a major way. 

14th Jun, 2018

Are Our Jobs Safe From Robots - The Truth And The Unfounded Fears

With the world evolving at an unprecedented pace we have multiple times found ourselves amidst the conversations around the scope of Artificial Intelligence, the bounds (or no bounds!) of Machine Learning etc.

22nd May, 2018

Interview With Snehashish Bhattacharjee: Global CEO & Co-Founder At Denave

Founded over 19 years ago, Denave filled the void in the industry by providing end-to-end sales enablement solutions. They had clear focus on revenue acceleration, optimisation of return on investment and measurable impact by leveraging people, processes and technology.

14th May, 2018

My life as a working mum

Career women across different sectors talk about juggling multiple roles, battling mummy guilt, the proverbial work-life balance, and enjoying the best of two worlds.