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08th Aug, 2018

Denave launches DenSales Sales Force Automation Solution

Denave recently unveiled its sales force automation solution DenSales. DenSales is Denave’s proprietary Sales Force Automation tool that is designed and developed to address all the existing as well as possible business challenges while implementing a feet-on-street strategy.

06th Aug, 2018

Interview | Aim to become $150-200 million company by 2022, says Denave global CEO

In an interview with Moneycontrol, Snehashish Bhattacharjee, global CEO and co-founder of Denave, a company that is using technology to change the sales function, talks about how artificial intelligence is changing the way sales personnel are able to get and keep more business.

01st Aug, 2018

Technology Evolution and Disruption in the Business Landscape

Technology today is substituting the majority of manual and managerial work with capabilities like robotics and artificial intelligence. This disruption is cutting across geographical boundaries and integrating technology into processes causing a great transition in the business landscape. The transition has also brought in a new flair into the business ecosystem.

23rd Jul, 2018

Digital Transformation : Pathways to Accelerate Business Innovation

Every shift from the regular or every inertia overcome, brings some new challenges on board that further brings in a new flair into the ecosystem. The desired and the practiced level of incorporation of transformation may vary from organisation to organisation but every stream is leading to an anticipated goal – innovation.