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05th May, 2022

Retail vs E-commerce: The Future of Shopping

The unhindered rise of E-commerce, personalization, digital mannequins, and automated home deliveries are some of the key elements that will shape the shopping experience

05th May, 2022

5 Telemarketing Trends to Watch out for in 2022

B2B telemarketing, like all other services, has undergone large-scale changes in the last two years. There has been a 50% uptick in call volumes since the pandemic.

04th Apr, 2022

Field Sales and Marketing Trends 2022

While the last two years have seen a spurt in digital marketing investments, brands are now looking to revive their offline marketing campaigns to counter the online fatigue.

04th Apr, 2022

Dark Stories: The Forward-Looking Retail Model

With around 49% of people focusing on product availability well ahead of price and quality factors retailers are turning to dark stores as the last fulfilment centre to move their products to consumers.