Sales Training

Sales Training

Looking to empower your sales teams?

Effective sales engagement and a measurable impact on sales do not happen by chance. Successful execution of sales strategies demands that teams and people are well trained and supported for customer engagement at all phases of the customer lifecycle. Denave’s Training division provides solutions for sales readiness and customer management for a variety of assignments – from large-scale classroom training and roll-out; on-the-job specialised learning, to remote on-the-job support.

An Overview

Sales Training forms the backbone of every sales strategy. Be it the on-the-ground sales army or on-site sales wizards, training must be imparted keeping the overall sales strategy in mind, equipping them with the right knowledge and technical know-how to convert leads to next new customers.

Denave’s comprehensive suite of sales training modules involve leveraging the latest in technology and industry-leading sales trainers, plugging-in with the overall sales strategy and process expectations. Sales teams are trained from the ground-up, factoring the specific geo involved and real-world challenges for overall sales ecosystem development.

Remote Training

  • Online sales training
  • Train teams across Geos
  • Training cost optimization

On-the-job Training

  • Job specific training modules
  • Evaluate trainees on-the-job
  • Train teams in real-world scenarios

Class room training

  • Goal-specific training modules
  • Evaluation mechanism
  • Industry-expert trainers

Self-Running Modules

  • Automated training modules
  • Process-based learning and training
  • Product specific training modules

Content Management

  • End-to-end learning content management
  • Leverage subject matter experts
  • Benchmark defining learning modules

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