Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics

Want to streamline merchandising & sales effectiveness?

Retail Analytics is one step above the physical product placement approach and is geared towards influencing customer psychology positively. An effective Analytics implementation help beef up retailers’ revenue and lessen revenue leakage. Retail Analytics service by Denave is focused on driving optimization and compliance leading to standardization, insights, corrective measures and prevention of revenue leakage through informed decision making.

An Overview

Precision in Analytics relies heavily upon data quality and a nimbler approach to quick and informed decision-making which is driven by data-logic and automation. Structured, standardized and error free data is the foundation stone of Merchandising Retail Analytics solution. Denave’s inbuilt Advanced Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics service help garner business insights, market intelligence and forecasting. It helps establish a global, standardized reporting platform to give real-time insights into efficacy of operational measures in a single view. Location and geo agnostic tool help identify integrators to achieve better operational results and improve data quality within the system. Most importantly, the Team of highly skilled Data Analysts & Data Scientists perform data discovery to deliver insights through Visuals, Insights and Consulting Services..

End to End Data Engineering & Management

  • Obtain clean, structured, simplified and standardized data
  • Identify gaps in data generation and data collection
  • Elimination of Quality Issues

NextGen Data Integration

  • Gain real-time actionable inputs for operational excellence
  • Language and Location agnostics Standardization and Integration
  • Increase Shelf Availability and Visibility
  • Identify growth drivers to maximize revenue

Data Discovery & Visualization

  • KPI Dashboards, Info-graphics, Ops Insights, Trackers
  • View on Sales vs Stock vs Compliance
  • Availability and Visibility Compliance
  • Ensure quality adherence

Business Insights

  • Holistic view of Market, Customer, competition & Operations
  • Problem Solving based on Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences

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