Intelligent Database Management

Intelligent Database Management

Where’s my next new customer?

If that’s the question that your business is struggling with, Intelligent Database Management could just be the answer for you. Tapping the potential customer base utilising Denave’s whitespace discovery model is like a gateway to enormous growth, progression and reach expansion for sales organisations and eventually leads to an increased size of the overall pie.

What is Intelligent Database Management?

Intelligent Database Management forms the heart of sales enablement at Denave. From sales analytics, telesales to sales training and sales process automation, Intelligent DB management forms the bedrock on which these services are built.

Intelligent DB management, as a service, follows a technology-aided methodology, that is designed around the central aim of providing the client with a large pool of database and zero-in on next new customer.

Whitespace Discovery

  • Leverage technology to discover untapped customer database
  • Increase market size and customer reach
  • Increase net new customer acquisitions and generate maximum sales impact

Database Cleaning - Reduce the noise

  • Zero-in on data redundancies
  • Technology-driven data verification leveraging both offline & online resources
  • Enhance data intelligence for revenue maximisation

Database profiling

  • Evaluate & Analyse data buckets
  • Enrich database with analytics-driven insights
  • Maintain data quality & monitor future data trends

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