Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Struggling to bridge the marketing and sales divide?

While you may know your target customers, it’s about a dedicated engine that creates an interest and moves them into the prospect list. That’s where Denave’s Digital Marketing service comes in. Focused on bridging the great divide between marketing efforts and sales conversions, the digital marketing service revolves around creating targeted customer touch points and generating interest through dedicated campaigns.

An Overview

Keeping your customers engaged at various levels & having a constant dialogue with them are key factors for sales enablement. However, organisations often face challenges in this area, given the evolving landscape, dynamic environment and information overload. This is where digital marketing plays a key role, as it is the only & most effective medium when it comes to micro-targeting your next new customer that can lead to achieving the desired outcome.

Digital Marketing is an integral cog in Denave’s overall sales enablement engine. The central methodology behind our digital marketing services is to:

  • Bridge the gap between marketing efforts and sales conversions
  • Identify and define customer propensity via effective digital marketing campaigns to gauge the customer’s profile & their level of interest
  • Garner attention and engage potential customers through precision marketing that is led by targeted digital and social media campaigns across relevant channels, eventually leading to sales conversion.
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Email Marketing

  • Cultivate & Manage geo-specific customer email database
  • Strategy-driven email marketing campaigns
  • Generate leads and convert through targeted email marketing

Targeted Social Media Marketing

  • Identify relevant social media channels
  • Analytics-based social media marketing campaigns
  • Enhance customer interaction

Contextual Marketing

  • Search history based targeted marketing
  • Map potential customer browser journey
  • Serve targeted ads based on need to convert




  • Get visible online with SEO campaigns
  • Targeted product-centric PPC campaigns
  • Capture probable customers online


Digital Analytics

  • Online sales landscape study
  • Tap into the digital pulse of the market
  • Sales-oriented digital analytics

Propensity Model

  • Strategy-driven online product propensity model
  • Judge propensity of probable buyers
  • Convert propensity into sale with discreet campaigns

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