Manager – Data Science

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Date : 05 Jan, 2023

Job description

    The Manager – Data Science – will lead the team of Data Scientists, Python Programmers and Data Analysts in the organization – and will be primarily responsible for building models and bots for executing various data maintenance, profiling, and historical and predictive analysis tasks. We are looking for an intellectually curious, results-oriented, and energetic technical leader who is passionate about building large scale data processing systems to help manage the ever-growing information needs

Experience Essential

    • 8-12 years of overall experience with at least 2-3 years as a Team Lead/Manager. • Demonstrated understanding and experience with relational data sets, OOPS concepts, data warehouses, data mining and data analysis techniques
    • Expertise in machine learning and statistical techniques such as classification, clustering, regression, statistical inference, collaborative filtering, natural language processing, experimental design, social networking analysis, feature engineering etc.
    • Experience working with Big Data and distributed auto-scaling cloud systems • Strong expertise in using basic Python libs used for data processing, manipulation, and cleaning like Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, SciPy, NLTK.
    • Expertise in relation extraction, knowledge graphs, Spacy, Pytorch/Keras/Tensorflow, NLP, Gensim, word embedding
    • Knowledge of pre-trained NLP models, like StandfordNLP, Google’s BERT, ELMo, ULMFiT • Experience in Deep learning models like CNN, RNN (Should be aware of methods like Back-propagation, Stochastic Gradient Descent, Learning Rate Decay, Max Pooling, Dropout, Long/Short term memory, etc)
    • Experience in web scraping and crawling using Beautiful Soup, Selenium, LXML, Scrapy, • Knowledge of building REST APIs and integration
    • Strong Engineering and DevOps orientation in agile environments.
    • Strong technical background to be able to translate business/product requirements into technical requirements
    • A never-ending drive to make products better
    • Ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders
    • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills
    • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Experience working in both startup and established organizations

Job Responsibilities

    • Lead a team of Data Scientists, Python Programmers, and Data Analysts for supporting business analytics and product platform data science requirements
    • Work closely with Product Managers, Project Managers and Business stakeholders for prioritising the product roadmap and other project-based deliverables
    • Evaluate, recommend, and deploy new tools or systems whether they be built in house, open source, or commercial offerings
    • Design scalable pipelines for unstructured data flow to enable pre-processing, annotation, and training.
    • Develop Unsupervised and Semi-supervised NLP and Computer Vision models to profile textual and visual data into pre-defined or undefined classes and values along with relationships, to achieve auto-encoding of textual data.
    • Provide guidance, educate, mentor, and develop team members to build out specific projects, and to continuously learn and teach new technology and techniques
    • Provide daily guidance to team members in a complex, high-performance platform by working through creative solutions, identifying issues and roadblocks, and reviewing system architecture decisions
    • Communicate findings and solutions clearly to a variety of audiences, by drafting clear, comprehensive specs for engineers or explaining algorithmic concepts
    • Write detailed technical requirements documents for efficient planning of sprints
    • Owner of all data science / python product backlogs

Job Details

  • Total Experience :

    8-12 years
  • Relevant Experience :

    2-3 Years
  • Location :

  • Language Expertise :

    Excellent written and verbal communication skills in english
  • Open Positions :

  • Educational Qualification :


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