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Discover how businesses in Singapore can leverage social media marketing services to generate leads, boost conversions, and increase brand awareness.

Traditionally, brands in both B2B and B2C segments see social media marketing as a means to achieve vanity goals. With the rapid rise of digital marketing in Singaporean markets, social media is now an indispensable tool for most brands.

One of the top challenges for most brands is their inability to create engaging content and reach the target audience. Brands focusing on top of the funnel social media strategy lose out on tapping into the wide sales potential of the social channels. A sound funnel-based strategy along with targeted execution will enable enterprises to push their social media marketing into the top gear. With this in mind, let’s dive deep into the basics of social media marketing and ways to build a strategy that will generate tangible business results.

Social Media Marketing- Expanding the Business Scope

Singapore/ APAC in general, is among the fastest-growing markets in the world. Social media marketing is not a new field for Singaporean businesses. However, in a bid to expand brand reach, navigate siloed customer outreach processes, and drive traffic to the business, companies are now looking for sales-driven social media marketing services in Singapore. The scope of SMM services has pivoted from brand promotion to customer outreach and lead generation in Singapore.

While it is crucial to have a social media presence, enterprises need to identify the best channels that will help them engage proactively with their target audience. Those channels must support the company’s revenue goals in the long run. Spending too much time on social platforms that are not aligned with a company’s target market will bleed productivity and knock down the ROI.

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Benefits of SMM services

There are several reasons why a company should invest its resources in social media management. Right from offering personalized engagement to building a community of loyal customers and driving qualified lead generation, there are multiple reasons to consider it:

  • 1

    Increase brand awareness

    With over 4 billion users spread across all social media channels, companies will miss out on the potential to reach thousands of prospective buyers if they don’t have a social presence. Social media channels have proved to be the best enabler when it comes to driving awareness and recall value by shoring up customer engagement. Social engagement includes elements like comments, shares, likes, direct messages, and saves.

    Sharing information via social posts also helps increase brand awareness by directing traffic to the website. Enterprises can do this by embedding website links in their posts, profile, or bio.

  • 2

    Maximize online lead generation & boost conversions

    Promoting and advertising products/services on social media is a tried-and-tested practice to improve lead generation, increase sales, and boost the ROI. Let’s look at a few social media marketing tactics to generate higher engagement and leads:

    Create social media advertisements to drive traffic towards the landing page and get customers to fill out the form.

    Give promotional offers and discounts will increase the engagement rate and drive higher traffic toward the product page.

    Host live webinars to get new audiences and followers for the company page.

    Sell products through social channels. B2C brands can enable Facebook’s shop section or Instagram’s shopping feature on their profiles. This will allow visitors to directly click on products that the brand has shared in posts to check out product descriptions like price, material, and size.

  • 3

    Foster relationships with customers

    By sharing interactive posts and engaging with their social media followers, businesses will be able to foster long-lasting relationships with their audience. Companies can do this by interacting with the users on their posts, replying to their queries, or addressing grievances proactively.

    Businesses can also ask customers for their pain points, conduct poll posts to identify trends, and ask for customers’ feedback on products to build trust and relationships.

How to build a social media marketing strategy?

Although the social media channels keep continuously evolving, most of the fundamental steps to success remain the same. Essentially, it is a microcosm of an overarching digital demand generation strategy. Let’s look at those steps in brief.

Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy

  • 1

    Research buyer personas and target audience

    The first step to creating an ROI-driven social media strategy is to identify the ideal buyer personas and audience so that businesses can target their needs and interests appropriately. Next, companies must evaluate whom they want to reach and why, and how they would classify them as a group.

    Classifying the buyer personas allow brands to determine what kind of content and social posts will attract their interests and win their trust. Furthermore, social media marketing requires consistent efforts, and companies need to continuously create engaging content to gain new followers and keep existing followers interested.

  • 2

    Identify the right social channels to market on

    It is highly critical to determine the social platforms on which the company will share its content. Different channels work for different kinds of businesses. For example, a B2B brand would work better on LinkedIn and Facebook, while a B2C brand would gain the desired traction from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    However, there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer regarding which social channels a business must use. It is about identifying the needs of one’s target audience and where they tend to spend most of their time. It is important to be where the audience of potential customers is today and where they might be tomorrow.

  • 3

    Determine key metrics and KPIs

    Every social media marketing strategy must be data-driven with measurable KPIs that give demand generation marketers a unified view of their campaigns. They must move away from vanity metrics and prioritize those that can have a bearing on the total cost and ROI of campaigns. Some of the critical metrics that demand generation marketers in Singapore can focus on are:

    Reach: It indicates the number of unique audiences that saw a social media post. It helps marketers understand how much of their content actually reaches the audience’s feeds.

    Clicks: This is the number of clicks that a post or an account receives. Tracking clicks for every campaign helps understand what drives user curiosity or engages them to buy a product or service.

    Engagement: The engagement rate sheds light on how well the audience perceives the page content and their willingness to engage and interact with the business.

    Organic & paid interactions: It is crucial for marketers to separately track their organic and paid campaigns. Impressions, clicks, likes, and engagement rates are crucial metrics to track in both campaigns. Furthermore, using UTM parameters, marketers can track the clickthrough rates to the website from the social media posts. This will help social media marketers gauge how much traffic they are driving.

    Sentiment: This is the measurement of how audiences react to a company’s content, brand, or hashtag. What type of sentiments are people associating with campaign content, hashtags, and creatives? It is always critical to dig deeper and find out how users talk or feel about a brand.

  • 4

    Create unique and engaging content

    Social media is all about creating short, crisp, engaging, and relevant content, or else people will scroll down to the next post. The attention of users on social media is less than 2 seconds, and if a post does not engage within two seconds, then it will be lost in the crowd of other competitive, engaging posts. That’s why marketers must create interesting and relevant content that stands out and provides users a reason to click and interact with their page.

    The number one tip for marketers is to do market research first to understand their target audience’s interests. This will give them a peek into what the audience likes and wants to know. They must also look at their competitors’ content and how uniquely they can promote their products/services.

    Another tip is to leverage user-generated content for higher engagement and personalized interactions with the audience. Marketers can do this by reposting users’ content or encouraging them to use hashtags to share their experiences and pictures with the brand. Lastly, make use of social media trends.

  • 5

    Outsource social media management services to a reliable digital agency

    Maintaining a robust social media presence that generates tangible business results require domain expertise with a data-centric approach to tackle the everyday challenges of SMM services. Social media is a vast field that can quickly turn into a maze for a business with limited expertise and lesser resources to waste.

    One of the critical challenges associated with SMM services is justifying the ROI to the leadership team. Therefore, outsourcing social media management services to an ROI-driven digital marketing agency is a cost-effective solution for smart enterprises. Outsourcing the SMM services will allow companies to focus on their core expertise and align their limited resources towards achieving core business goals. In addition, a reliable social media marketing agency should be able to orchestrate a funnel-stitched social strategy that attracts a large pool of untapped customers searching for a similar product or solution.


Executing a social media marketing campaign requires a smart mix of strategy and creativity to increase customer engagement, boost brand awareness, and funnel prospects down the sales pipeline. It is one of the foundational pillars of an omnichannel digital marketing strategy and imbibes a methodology that is driven towards action by the user or creating brand recall.

As a premium digital marketing agency, Denave is focused on executing social media management services that are designed to create meaningful experiences for the target audience and work in harmony with your business objective.

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