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In the age of AI and automation, data is the quintessential lever that enables businesses to build more precise, personalized, and profitable B2B sales and marketing campaigns. B2B demand generation and sales leaders looking to develop a series of automation of interactions and transactions between buyers and sellers must incorporate the B2B database as a critical cog in their strategies- right from defining ICP to lead generation, CRM maintenance, and deal closures. A report from Gartner suggests that 60% of B2B sales organizations will pivot from experience and intuition-based sales and marketing practices to a data-driven approach by 2025.

However, sourcing, updating, enriching, and maintaining a CRM database of prospects is not as easy as it sounds. Often, it is a costly affair for companies, making them confused about whether to outsource or build an internal database team. There is a wide variety of SaaS-based B2B data vendors offering similar kinds of data services across a full spectrum of price ranges that can increase or even derail a company’s sales and marketing budgets.

Outsource B2B data services vs. in-house database team

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SaaS-based data pricing vs. Custom B2B data pricing (offered by Denave)

When it comes to outsourcing B2B data, pricing is usually the biggest concern among organizations. SaaS-based B2B database providers like ZoomInfo, Lusha, and Cognism offer a subscription model where they get customers to subscribe to the entire range of databases based on different filters. Typically, a contact can cost 72-90 dollars high and, on the low end, $33. The average pricing for premium platforms like ZoomInfo starts at $15,000 for one seat on an annual subscription with a 2-year commitment. For platforms like Lead 411, the pricing starts at $5000 for one seat on an annual subscription.

Most of the SaaS-based platforms like ZoomInfo make empty claims about data accuracy and global coverage and don’t address main concerns like– addressable market, data accuracy, enrichment cycle, sales support, verified emails and direct dials, and many more.

By subscribing to a wide range of unstandardized data from SaaS platforms, you lose your time and resources validating, profiling, and reaching the right decision-maker. Finding correct mobile numbers and email addresses from SaaS platforms is like finding a needle in a haystack, and most of the SDRs are spending a great deal of time sifting through data lists only to find the right ICP with accurate data.

Larger Enterprises have a lot of challenges managing their existing data (and managing data decay and data standardization when data comes from multiple sources). Also, when they target multi-geos/SMB space to expand their business, knowing which businesses are still active is very important.

In general, knowing who is on country DND lists is important so that they can devise alternate channels for outreach. Real-time email verification ensures data decay is avoided and domain reputation is protected. Lastly, curated data means customers don’t pay for access to data they don’t need and don’t have to waste time putting in filters to hunt for target data they are interested in.

What does Denave offer?

Denave, on the other hand, offers custom B2B data based on your targeted ideal customer profiles. With over 400Mn+ business profiles across 20Mn+ accounts, Denave offers the highest coverage in the APAC markets with over 85% accuracy. Priced under $10 per contact, Denave has the lowest pricing along with a pay-as-you-go model.

Furthermore, the cost of data maintenance, viz., data cleaning, data standardization, data validation, and data enrichment, is a fraction of what the cost for the original database is.

Our USP- Reduce Hours of Data Prospecting

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Denave's offerings in the B2B data space stand out as the optimal choice for businesses seeking to address the challenges related to data quality, coverage, and personalization. Our discussion comparing Denave to various other data providers shows that Denave excels on multiple fronts.

It's essential to recognize that businesses operating in specific regions, such as Singapore, can significantly elevate their operations with Denave's specialized solutions. Denave brings unparalleled advantages to companies in Singapore, offering services like the 'B2B Database Singapore.' Their expertise leads to a remarkable 50% increase in meetings booked, a 4X improvement in win rates, a 3X surge in productivity, and a noteworthy 3X increase in response rates. Leveraging its extensive global database, steadfast data accuracy, and robust profiling capabilities, Denave excels in providing budget-friendly solutions. Their offerings are tailored to meet the evolving demands of B2B marketers worldwide, establishing Denave as a powerhouse in driving business growth and success.

When devising your B2B data strategy, it's crucial to consider the potential of a localized B2B Database. Such a resource can deliver tailor-made insights and opportunities, perfectly aligning your approach with the unique dynamics of Singapore's thriving market.

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