Traditionally, contact centers have been viewed as an engine to offer customer service solutions where agents receive inbound customer queries, address problems, provide answers, and use the voice and chat experience to enhance customer experience with the brand.

Businesses have often overlooked the value of reaching out to prospects and customers while nurturing them toward their offerings and converting them into deals.

In the modern sales landscape, outbound telesales services have turned out to be a powerful tool for organizations to generate leads, nurture prospects, and close deals. Outbound telesales can be used as the last mile connection to quality and convert leads generated through digital channels. However, most businesses have failed to capitalize on the capabilities of outbound services. In this blog, we will dissect some insider tips to maximize the effectiveness of your outbound telemarketing campaigns.

How an Outbound Contact Center Boosts Sales?

When your tele agents are calling out rather than just accepting calls, there are opportunities to grow brand awareness, nurture prospects, and learn more about the interest and pain points of the customers. 

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    Increase brand awareness

    Outbound telemarketing helps you disseminate knowledge about your company and its products/offerings to your target audience in a personalized way without being too assertive. By understanding your prospect’s pain points first-hand, you can better position your offerings as the most capable solution to their pain points.

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    Enable lead nurturing

    You can leverage outbound services to connect with the leads who have filled out your online forms, downloaded content, or showed interest in your offerings. You might already be using email marketing to follow up with your leads. Additionally, with an outbound contact center, you can deliver a more human customer experience to establish a concrete relationship. Furthermore, through phone calls, your agents have the opportunity to address any friction that the lead might have while making a purchase decision. It also becomes easier to handle objections and swiftly close deals over a phone call.

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    Extract valuable customer insights

    The better your sales and customer service agents understand your customers, the easier it becomes to sell to them. You can gather valuable information about your leads and customers using a contact center solution equipped with analytics and reporting features. This includes their preferred communication channels, optimal contact times, purchase motivation factors, and main concerns and needs. Integrating a cloud contact center with your communication and sales systems ensures that data and analytics are instantly accessible to the relevant teams. This allows all customer-facing employees, including sales and customer support, to deliver a consistent experience, fostering increased brand loyalty.

Customers crave human interaction

In response to oversaturated digital buying experiences, customers now seek a more direct connection with vendors. According to a 2020 survey, the opportunity to speak to a human sales agent is one of the top three requirements for a positive customer experience. People are more responsive to personalized calls rather than intrusive advertisements on digital channels. However, businesses must be mindful of the thin gap between being proactive and pushy.

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