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Imagine you could interact with your audience tête-à-tête, just like the old ways of door-to-door selling.

How effective do you think that method of customer outreach would be? At the very least, you would expect to source email addresses for follow-up. To that point, webinars double up as events that allow businesses to use the same one-on-one outreach capabilities with hundreds of audiences at once.
Webinars are low-pressure B2B demand generation tactics that allow prospects to become familiar with your products/services and understand the value proposition better. Webinar services have become an effective way to demonstrate your expertise, educate prospects, and position your brand as a problem solver amongst your target personas.

Why do webinars work as a B2B demand generation strategy?

Webinars are a solution-driven customer outreach tactic that focuses on delving deeper into target customers' needs. It is an unrivalled strategy for generating market demand because:

  • ✔ It helps establish your brand as a thought leader before your audience decides to purchase.
  • ✔ It helps you connect with your target audience at scale and at once.
  • ✔ It allows you to take note of customer concerns/grievances and address them immediately through interactive discussions.
  • ✔ It allows you to establish your product/services as the best solution that your customer needs. You can conduct a product demo and build trust with your audience.
  • ✔ It generates high-intent leads since you nurture your audience with high-quality content that speaks to their pain points and latent business requirements.

Webinar strategies for B2B demand generation

Executing a successful online lead generation webinar is a strategic task that must be carefully planned from start to finish. Before you start creating webinar content, you must first define your goals and what you want to achieve. Do you want to grow brand awareness, build thought leadership, generate new leads, or nurture existing prospects in the funnel?

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    Solution-centric webinar topic

    When deciding on a webinar topic, think about the problem that your brand or its products solve for the target audience. Based on problem-solution matchmaking, build your webinar topic as a solution framework to address the pain points and requirements of your targeted audience.

    For example, instead of the topic "Top 10 tips to generate leads for your IT business," you should frame it in a more specific manner like "How to use the X strategy we leveraged to generate Y number of leads for a leading IT brand." The difference between the two topics is that the first one is generic and may not hook the target audience in the IT industry. However, the second topic describes that the company has developed a specific strategy to resolve the audience's pain points.

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    Hook the attendees till the end of the webinar

    Getting people to attend the webinar is just one part of it. The important thing is to ensure that they participate in the entire webinar. You can get your audience hooked to the webinar using an open-loop system where you make a promise to reveal a certain strategy or a tool at the end of the webinar.

    You can also create hooks by propping up a question for the attendees that would be answered not before the end of the webinar. Using these open loops throughout the webinar can help you keep attendees hooked till the very end. Furthermore, more opportunities for interaction can be created using polls, surveys, and Q&A to keep the audience engaged.

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    Partner with an agency with telesales capabilities to drive audience registrations

    Partnering with an agency equipped with telesales capabilities can be a game-changer for your webinar's success. Telesales offers a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience on a personal level, nurturing their interest and driving registrations. Through one-on-one conversations, it enables you to effectively convey your value proposition, making potential attendees more likely to engage and commit to your upcoming webinar.

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    Use an attendee's business to exhibit your products/services and credibility

    Being a part of your B2B demand generation strategy, your webinars must effectively showcase to your audience how to leverage your products/services to resolve a specific real-world problem. Your thought-leadership webinar must reflect how your solutions have the advantage over other solutions available in the market. A subtle approach to do so would be to ask an attendee about one of their pain points and then demonstrate your solution tailored to that particular pain point.

    This will convince the audience about the efficacy of your products/services and also build trust in your brand immediately. Furthermore, if there are any questions that the audience has, they can be answered in real time to further establish your authority.


B2B demand generation strategies have evolved in the last few years. Today, it is largely about aiding prospects in their buying journey and creating a lasting impression rather than hard selling. Educating customers and giving them resourceful content helps build trust in your solution to make a purchase when you sell it. A marketing webinar is the best way to guide, educate, and resolve prospect pain points. Unlike other lead generation strategies, webinar marketing offers interactive avenues of communication in a live environment at a fraction of the cost of offline events.

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