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The right partner help an enterprise achieve maximum ROI from the digital marketing initiatives. However, selecting the right agency requires a thorough evaluation of company’s credentials, business values, and capabilities.

There is no denying that digital marketing is indispensable to how new-age businesses attract and engage customers. However, very few companies are approaching it correctly.

While large organizations might have the resources, but they don’t have digital readiness. most small and medium businesses have limited budgets. These budgets have shrunken even further in the current economic paradigm.

New-world marketing needs the support of future-forward digital technologies and an integrated demand generation strategies to excel. Digital marketing is no longer simple and straightforward. Haphazard adoption is causing setbacks and make-shift approaches are failing to keep pace with changing customer expectations.

Marketers are facing a dilemma of

  • Developing digitally native capabilities

  • Cutting costs

  • Upskilling and running lean

  • Dealing with shifting customer behavior

  • Integrating and orchestrating the critical buildingblocks

Furthermore, most companies are busy focusing on core business goals or pivoting to new business models. Therefore, outsourcing the digital marketing and business promotion work to a professional digital marketing agency is a smart and necessary option to pursue. There are several advantages that come along connecting with the right partner:

  • 1

    High-quality research and audits

    Modern-day digital marketing agencies have the right set of tools, practices, and processes to collect accurate and reliable customer data. This data forms the basis of any successful campaign. Whether undertaking customer surveys, product or market research, most digital marketing agencies offer comprehensive B2B data collection, competitor analysis, and other auditing services. With highly skilled and diverse team of researchers and data managers, they create campaigns that align with core business goals and drive digital lead generation.

  • 2

    Better utilization of budget and resources

    A digital marketing agency help businesses invest their resources effectively across multiple platforms. This is particularly useful for organizations that are beginning with digital brand building and do not have the right know-how to begin. In a world of unlimited digital tools, services, and plug-ins, agencies cut through the clutter and help businesses identify the best choice to optimize marketing budgets.

  • 3

    Data-driven insights and reports

    Typically, all B2B digital marketing agencies offer periodic and data-driven insights on the performance and results derived from the campaign. Complying with industry-proven metrics and KPIs allows businesses to improve the ROI of the entire exercise and keep track of campaign performances. In short, measuring the impact and ROI based on objective data becomes easier with a digital marketing agency. For instance, Denave offers periodic organization-specific, relevant, and transparent campaign reports to its clients.

  • 4

    Easy to scale up or down

    Another significant advantage of outsourcing campaigns to a digital marketing service provider is the flexibility to ramp up or reduce the investment involved in the process. Digital marketing agencies usually offer a bouquet of customizable services to align with budgetary restrictions and desired end goals. Others have different service tiers that can be upgraded or downgraded depending on the requirement and budget. This liberty to control the level of investment isn’t available with in-house teams. There are several fixed costs associated with retaining full-time resources that go well beyond the compensation.

  • 5

    Different services under one roof

    Digital marketing is an umbrella term that entails content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, webinar service, PPC campaigns, affiliate marketing, b2b email marketing, and more. However, all these services are distinct and require domain expertise, skills, and experience to achieve optimum results. Most digital marketing agencies offer a cohesive mix of all the services allowing businesses to eliminate costs associated with building large teams and hiring full-time talent.

How to select the best digital marketing agency?

How to select the best digital marketing agency?

Be clear on marketing goals and objectives: Although most digital marketing partners offer end-to-end services, most tend to have certain specialties and expertise. It is crucial to define the objectives, outcomes, and scope of the digital marketing efforts before searching for the right partners. This will help identify the most suitable service providers and determine the right budget for the campaigns.

  • 1

    Evaluate company credentials

    Like any other service-driven business, be sure to check past clients, case studies, word-of-mouth reputation, and client testimonials of the agency in question. Find out the composition of the team and whether they have proven marketers or analysts onboard. Before the first interaction, it would be good to share the goals and challenges to evaluate the initial ideas better on their merit. Similarly, if the agency agrees, a small test task can be assigned to evaluate the potential. Also, check the company’s own digital presence to get clarity on its capabilities and deliverables.

  • 2

    Look for similar business values and culture

    An often missed step is ensuring that the agency’s business values and work culture are aligned with expectations. Look for agencies and service providers that follow similar hiring, learning, and engagement processes and industry best practices. Innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction, and partnership with businesses across industries speak profoundly of an agency’s ability to deliver result-oriented digital marketing campaigns.

  • 3

    What is being promised and measured?

    Don’t get lured in with promises that seem too good to be true and understand how realistic the propositions are. Similarly, while there is ample data to collect and report, the devil lies in the detail. Do not get swayed or confused with vanity metrics that have no substantial benefit to the campaign or business. Instead, focus on understanding what will be measured, how it will be measured, what tools will be used to analyze the data, and why it matters.

    Obtain clarity on communication, processes, ownership, and accountability: Finally, be sure to thoroughly understand the working processes and communication methods of the partner agency. Obtain transparency on how the agency’s team will work with the business, how frequent the meetings will be, and who is responsible for what tasks. Setting the right expectations and expressing the desired outcomes is vital at this stage to ensure smooth working in the future.

    Many organizations also opt for a hybrid approach, wherein some tasks are outsourced, and others are handled by the in-house team. For instance, content generation can be outsourced, whereas the team can do content dissemination. Similarly, paid campaigns on search engines and social media can be undertaken by digital marketing service providers, whereas ongoing engagement can be the responsibility of the in-house. This allocation will depend on the in-house team’s strength, skills, budget, and marketing objectives.

In-closing: Finding the right digital marketing agency partner for the new reality

In-closing: Finding the right digital marketing agency partner for the new reality

Working with the right digital marketing agency is vital for the success of business goals, customer engagement, and sustainable growth. A service provider that understands and customizes its approach as per industries, clients, and customers can help businesses scale new heights. Experience, past achievements, and expertise; these are the three main parameters that should be used to evaluate prospective service providers. Denave has a perfect combination of all three and offers top-notch quality digital marketing services across the spectrum.

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