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Celebrating 25 years of innovation and excellence in revenue generation, our employees' remarkable journeys showcase our dedication to their development and success. Discover the inspiring stories of the committed team driving Denave forward.

We honoured our outstanding leaders, acknowledging them as the core flagbearers of excellence within our team of remarkable superpowers. They are not only the best in their professional roles, but also the most inspiring in their personal lives.

In this blog, we have featured a few anecdotes from the incredible journey and life of some of these Denave Day 2024 winners, offering a closer look at their inspiring stories.

Get ready to be inspired as we enter the extraordinary world of Denave's finest, celebrating not only their achievements in business but also the amazing lives they lead.

Sunny Kathuria, GM - Digital Marketing

"As the General Manager leading the Digital Marketing Operations team at Denave, I've been immersed in the digital industry for the past 23 years. Winning the Functional Excellence award at Denave's 25th-Silver year's celebration is truly humbling. This recognition motivates me to set higher standards, reinforcing the belief that dedication and passion make a meaningful impact on professional achievements. It's a reminder that every effort contributes to the collective success, and this recognition inspires a renewed commitment to making impactful contributions in the future. I heartily congratulate all other winners who have made Denave what it is today.

Reflecting on my professional journey with Denave, the integrated programs I've worked on with the team have significantly changed my outlook towards overall marketing and sales enablement, delivering ROI to customers. Adapting to a B2B marketing-focused culture was initially challenging for me, coming from extensive B2C experience in the past, but each stakeholder at Denave played a crucial role in helping me scale and get better every passing day.

Outside the cubicle confines, I find joy and fulfilment in cooking, which brings a lot of fun to my life. Whenever I am stressed, I get into my chef mode and cook something for myself and my friends/family. Denave Day, for me, is a grand festival where excitement builds over emails, people perform on stage, and contributions to business are recognized. It's nothing short of overwhelming, reflecting the essence of celebration and camaraderie among Denavites, both personally and professionally."

Karan Bhutani, GM - Demand Generation

"As part of the MARCOM team, I take care of various marketing activities, from inbound demand generation and revenue initiatives to internal and external communications, and content generation. Winning on Denave Day was a great honor and a source of pride for me. It was a recognition of the significant milestones I achieved in marketing initiatives and demand generation campaigns. I'm excited about the future and the new opportunities that await me. This Denave Day was a special milestone in my professional journey.

One of the things that I'm most proud of is leading the inbound demand generation team. It was a key role that helped me grow within the company. I had a great team to work with, and we achieved a lot of success in this important aspect of marketing. I had Denave's support to help me overcome the difficulties. Denave gave me a good environment to grow and learn from my mistakes. I'm thankful for Denave's role in my success.

When I'm not working, I love to learn new things and explore the world What I enjoy the most is connecting with people, whether they are my friends from the neighbourhood or from school. Beyond the workplace, I find happiness in these human connections and my passion for continuous learning. Denave Day is not just a celebration of what I achieved at work; it's a moment of pride that reflects my personal journey of exploration and connection."

Dileep Kumar, GM - Intelligent Data Services

"Over the past decade, my journey with Denave has been nothing short of a roller coaster, as I've taken on the responsibility of leading the ideas delivery decision in every division as a General Manager. Surpassing the 10-year mark with the organization was a surprise for me, as the realization dawned unexpectedly. Challenges have been abundant, yet the management's unwavering support has been a constant. Recently, I faced a situation where my oversight could have posed significant challenges. But my senior joined in, offering invaluable support, turning the crisis into an opportunity. With guidance and support, we navigated through the challenge successfully. This incident stands out as a testament to Denave's commitment to turning challenges into opportunities.

One of the most delightful moments in my journey was receiving my first North Star Award. It symbolizes not just recognition but a celebration of overcoming obstacles and achieving excellence.

Beyond this professional avatar, I am an avid knowledge seeker with a curious mind. Reading has been a constant joy, and last year alone, I completed approximately 12 books. I subscribe to online channels, exploring diverse topics like astrology and gaining industry insights. In my leisure time, I indulge in watching thriller and crime series on Netflix. For newcomers entering the corporate sector, my message is clear - the evolving landscape, driven by technologies like AI and generative AI, should be seen as tools to amplify efforts, not substitutes for hard work".

Parul Mishra, Manager- Global Business Development

"For the past three years, I've been an integral part of Denave, leading the Global Business Development team and I love what I do. I oversee database sales across different regions, like Asia Pacific, India, the UK, and the US. I also help customers with their demand and lead generation activities, customer outreach programs, and B2B round table initiatives. I offer them various services and solutions to meet their needs. It's a dynamic and fulfilling role that keeps me on my toes.

I'm lucky to have a strong support system at Denave. They make every challenge easier to handle. I get a lot of support from my colleagues, seniors, and the management. One of the best moments at Denave was when they celebrated Family Day. It was so touching to be recognized in front of my family. The CEO and the seniors appreciated my work and showed a presentation of my achievements. It was such a heartfelt gesture that made me feel proud to be part of this amazing organization.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling. I have a young son, but I still manage to explore different places with him and my husband. We have a lot of fun and create beautiful memories together. I also love cooking, and I can whip up small and delicious meals even when I'm short on time. My favourite comfort food is dry fruit laddus made from Khajur. They are healthy and tasty, and I can't get enough of them."

Sanjay Nayak, National program head – Retail

"I lead the Field Force Program at Denave, where we specialize in servicing FMCG brand through a range of marketing activities. My responsibilities include overseeing our market insight programs, which entail engaging directly with customers in the field to gather feedback. Operating within a holistic retail framework, we manage all facets from initial customer interaction to exit strategies. Leveraging innovative apps and a skilled team of field experts, we meticulously gather and analyze market insights, providing valuable recommendations to our clients. I joined Denave in 2016 as part of the Google Pixel project launch team. It was a great experience, but I left for a while in 2019 to explore another project. I came back to Denave in 2022, and I'm glad I did.

When I'm not working, I love to travel and go on road trips. I have covered more than 400 cities and travelled over 3 lakh km on my bike. It's amazing to see different cultures and learn from them. It also helps me improve my negotiation skills. My favourite destination is Leh Ladakh. It's a beautiful place to visit.

My message to newcomers in the corporate industry is to live young and work young. Don't lose your curiosity and your willingness to learn. Keep learning, no matter how much experience or what designation you have. Continuous learning is the key to growing in your career. In my leisure time, I follow some YouTubers and do some vlogging. It's a fun way to share my experiences beyond the corporate world."

Moutusi Ghosh, Sr. Manager Global Talent Acquisition

"I proudly serve as the Senior Manager of Global Talent Acquisition, contributing to Denave's Global Talent Acquisition team. The moment I was honored with the Denave award, I felt elation and extreme gratitude. Denave Day holds a special place in my heart, especially the recent one, as it marked the Silver Jubilee, celebrating 25 years of the company's journey. The enthusiasm was infectious, and it was a team effort that made it truly special.

Joining Denave, a pivotal moment occurred within the first month when I closed a role in Singapore. This early success significantly boosted my confidence and garnered trust from my seniors, setting the tone for my professional growth. While I wouldn't term them as challenges, the initial settling period required me to manage vertical hiring comprehensively. The support from the leadership team and stakeholders made this transition smooth, creating an environment where I felt at home and could deliver my best.

Beyond work, I am a multifaceted individual who finds joy in various activities. In my free time, I like to socialise with my friends and write poems. I am also an avid painter, I have a deep love for gardening, finding immense joy in nurturing plants from seeds to full-fledged growth. Dancing is another passion of mine, particularly classical dance, as I am a trained Kathak dancer. Besides these pursuits, I wear the hat of a strict but loving mother, juggling a variety of responsibilities".

Pranjit Chakravorty, Senior Manager

"In my decade-long journey with Denave, I have evolved into the role of Senior Manager, taking charge of operations compliance for the Australian, New Zealand, Asia Pacific Markets, and emerging markets such as Bangladesh. I also oversee the Microsoft Webinar telemarketing business for the Asia Pacific region, serving in the RSMS 1 division.

Receiving this award during Denave's 25th year brought a surge of excitement. But I must emphasize that this is not an individual award but a collective achievement. I attribute this recognition to my entire team, whose unwavering support has been the driving force behind our success. The acknowledgment reinforces the value of our combined hard work and dedication, showcasing that our collaborative efforts truly paid off. Throughout the past 10 years, numerous challenges presented themselves.

Denave, however, played a pivotal role in helping me navigate these obstacles. Encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone, my seniors empowered me to tackle complex projects, develop new skills, and acquire the motivation to continuously learn. The support from my colleagues, who shared valuable insights and instilled confidence in my abilities, was instrumental in overcoming these challenges.

After working hours, I find joy and fulfilment in staying active. Working out at the gym is a regular activity that energizes me. During weekends, playing cricket or badminton with senior leadership members adds a fun and recreational dimension to my life. Engaging in these activities not only enhances physical well-being but also fosters camaraderie and a sense of fulfilment beyond the professional sphere".

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