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There is no dearth of sellers in the competitive market space, which becomes even more crowded online. This holds true for the manufacturing sector as well. The OEMs rely heavily on the internet for information, particularly those working in technological sectors such as electrical, telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT). It is important for them to be aware of any new technological developments in their field of operation in order to remain relevant and updated. It has been observed that

Here are some of the time-tested tips to increase digital demand generation for attracting OEM leads:

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    Promote content on social networks

    Social media platforms have become the new marketplace, so most companies place their content and ads there. Content promotion on these platforms has more potential for quality digital demand generation.

    As per the Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2021, 53% of the B2B marketing leaders have increased their marketing funds on digital marketing. However, to make good of those funds, it needs to be spent on marketing across those social channels that the target audience uses. For instance, if we consider telecom or electronics OEMs, social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are more likely to be used. Thus, these should be the platforms to share promotional content and ads to target the above OEMs.

    Moreover, the seller's own website or newsletters are also effective spaces for marketing their solutions and sharing authentic informational content related to targeted OEMs. Once they have an engaged audience, they can place a call-to-action at the bottom of their blog posts, asking the targeted OEMs to try their offerings.

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    Create unique and educational content

    High-quality content that adds value for the users is a highly effective way of pitching any solution or product. OEM managers or executives look for very specific information on the internet. They are mostly researching instead of consuming content in general. So, in order to get their attention, the companies need to offer content that helps them in their research.

    Content creation, thus, has to be done by experts in the OEMs field of operation. With the required technical expertise, they should be able to create content that solves problems, offers solutions, updates about new technologies and processes and helps the OEMs make informed decisions. Having thought leadership articles published on LinkedIn, blogs, industry publications, journals and websites can attract quality readership and play a huge role in influencing the OEM to consider the solutions. Since they influence the right audience of key decision-makers, a high ROI can be expected and also a surge in online lead generation.

    Another point to note here is that since technical content sometimes becomes too complex or boring to read, such content must be presented in an appealing and easy-to-understand form. It can be in the form of case studies, datasheets, white papers, webinars and FAQs.

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    Use gated content and paid search marketing

    A good organic and paid search marketing strategy can increase the findability of the brand's content on search engines such as Google, adding value to the company's reputation. This boosts the online lead generation efforts.

    PPC and online targeted advertisements are great for augmenting inbound marketing efforts and delivering qualified OEM prospects to the site. First, a business must determine the keywords their target market is looking for and then set up their PPC advertising to direct visitors to their website’s content web pages.

    Other than that, the brands can even offer gated content to get quality OEM leads. Gated content is premium content to which the visitors can get access only after filling out a form that asks for information about their location, company name, designation, email address, etc. The brands can utilize this information to know more about OEMs’ needs, challenges, and opportunities and build long-term relationships with them. These are sure-shot ways of increasing online lead generation, further leading to an increase in sales.

    AI-based chatbots are also becoming popular for digital demand creation besides being a low-cost option for answering queries and collecting details from prospective buyers and interested parties.

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    Webinars to Increase Engagement

    Webinars and live streams are increasingly becoming a popular means of reaching out to the target audience. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, brands have hosted regular live events to draw their audiences to them. These can be effective channels to rope in OEM businesses as well. This is because webinars are mainly organized to address a specific topic or issue at hand. They discuss the said topic in detail and arrive at a solution. A well-organized webinar with insights from experts can be a great opportunity for OEM managers and executives to learn.

    Additionally, notable personalities in the particular field and industry stalwarts can be invited to speak at the event and provide meaningful insights to pull in a larger crowd. These online events can be advertised through LinkedIn and other social media channels to get maximum attendance. These events will surely increase engagement with the brand and generate organic OEM leads.

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